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Planning for Future -
Athlete Development

What do you want to be in the future?
       Do you have a passion to do something. Would to do it even if you were not receiving any remuneration?

       Is there a clear path for you to take to reach your dream? Write down the steps you think is required and have several people who you respect provide suggestions.

       Begin your journey by putting it into action by following the route to your dream. It may mean adjusting a lot of things in your life, but it will be worth it one day.

       How much will be required of you:
  • Time?
  • Energy?
  • Resources?
Good planning helps shape good decisions. Acting impulsively is fraught with poor choices.
A well thought out plan helps to make elusive dreams come true. It is much better to take the time to carefully think out where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years in the future. If you approach is haphazardly accomplished, you will most likely be disappointed with the results.

       Remember, even the best planning will not achieve the desire results if you lack the desire/motivation to fulfill the steps in the plan. The planning goals should be all about you and your future. However, if it involves the long-term support of other people, their plans may not include supporting your needs and desires. All the people concerned must be in agreement with what you are proposing as their contributions will be to help you achieve your goal(s). Unless their commitment level is certain, you may experience considerable difficulties.

Strategic Planning
       The investment of money and time in planning benefits you in both the short and long term. Strategic planning can provide enormous benefits by bring clarity and agreement on your mission goals and vision.
The process of strategic planning can provide an invaluable opportunity for dialogue and  among your parents and coaches. It is essential that a consensus be achieved. Defining a shared vision of your future direction in life allows a well conceived plan to be developed that is based on the list of desired outcomes.

       Strategic planning prioritizes the actions contemplated. Strategic planning facilitates implementing short-term decisions based on their long-term implications. A strategic plan provides a series of agreements about what needs to happen at various stages of the plan. However, it also should be a dynamic document that has the flexibility so that when changes need to be made in the plan, the plan can be adapted to accommodate the changes.

       The value of a strategic plan in place is apparent in day-to-day decision making and problem solving being directly related to long-range and short-term goals. Pre planning reduces stress by making hard decisions easier. It is much easier to make choices within the context of a strategic framework that clearly defines the steps to achieve the intended goal.  Strategic decision making and problem solving plan assures that the original vision will be achieved.

Dismiss negativity and begin to think of your future in the present.
       This will help you to assimilate a positive attitude and help you to persevere towards your dream. List the purposes of each step of your plan. We generally want our peers to view us as self-sufficient who don't require help from others.

       If your philosophy is because you don't want to look weak or indecisive, take a second look and ask yourself if you would offer assistance to someone else who is in your same position. If your answer is yes, then graciously accept the help. Then, at a future date, return the favor to someone else.

       Don't rush into things. There is much to be said about patience. Sometimes we are impatience and get in a big hurry. That is when we are more likely to make poor or even wrong decisions.

       Sometimes we can't see the forest because of our view of the tree trunks. When we become wrapped up in the circumstances, we develop tunnel vision. It is desirable to seek assistance from wise counsel who personally know your positive and negative qualities.

Creation of a Career Plan

       Creating a plan is more than just a wish list of goals and objectives. It must have specific objectives and a time line of how and when you project to accomplish each item. It should realistically have backups in case problems are encountered. Anticipation of potential problems is not being negative. The analysis that identifies what might occur allows time to devise a way to prevent or mitigate the problem. This is called a risk assessment analysis in the business world.

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