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Physical Agility

Physical Coordination, Balance, and Body Functionality
       Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner. Agility is also associated with quickness and gracefulness that are components of four distinctive body movements:
  • Balance
    • The ability to maintain equilibrium - both stationary and while moving
    • Static Balance - the ability to control the body's center of mass in a stationary position on either right of left legs.
  • Dynamic Balance - the ability to control balance with body movement in the transition of changing balance from on foot to the other.
  • Speed - Tempo
    • The ability to move body parts in a coordinated and rhythmic manner.
    • The ability to vary the speed of body movements throughout a range of tempos from very slow to very fast.
  • Strength
    • The ability of a muscle or muscle group to overcome the resistance of gravity and friction to move the body in vertically and horizontally through space.
    • The physical ability to control body movement while acquiring and coordinating various sensory inputs such as smell, vision, hearing, and touch. Commonly referred to as such as hand and eye coordination. Also referred to as multi-tasking.
  • Coordination
    • The ability to control every part of the body.
    • Doing multiple things at same time
    • Ability to control what you want to do using the correct muscles.
Is it possible to improve natural agility?
       Anyone can improve their natural agility by participating in exercises designed to improve the four component parts of agility (listed above). The amount of improvement will vary according to the amount of effort expended by the athlete, frequency of exercising, and the duration of the training.

Measuring Agility
       There are a number of tests to measure an athlete's agility. They include:
  • Hexagonal obstacle agility test  - suitable for sports with multi-directional movement
  • Zig-zag test - monitors the subject's speed and agility.
  • 505 agility test - monitors the subject's speed and agility.
  • Illinois agility run test - suitable for sports with multidirectional movement
  • Lateral change of direction test - suitable for sports with multidirectional movement
  • Quick feet test - suitable for sports with multidirectional movement
  • Burpee test - assess your ability to rapidly change from an erect standing position through a squat position to a push up position and returning in the same manner to the starting position.
  • 'T'drill test - suitable for sports with multi-directional movement
  • Stork Stand Test - requires a combination of balance, speed, strength and coordination while balancing on the ball of the foot. ... suitable for sports with multi-directional movement
Editors Note: The time required to complete a ladder drill - the length of a 20
rung ladder, one foot in each rung at a time -  is indicative of an athlete's
quickness. A time of less than 2.8 seconds for males and 3.4 seconds for females
is considered as excellent for college athletes.

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Off-Ice Training

Sports Information


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