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Photo Journalism Articles
      The following articles use photos to assist in telling a store in a more comprehensive way than then is possible when compared to communications that utilize only text. 

      It is an old adage that is even true today in our advanced telecommunication devices. In many cases the use of graphics, drawings, photos, and other illustrations can convey the information in less space than written text. The combined use of oral, text, and graphics is more effective than just one medium.

     The following Photo Journalism Articles show how this techniquic can be utilized:

The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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Photo Journalism Articles
Photo Journalism

Photo Journalism Articles

All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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