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Performance Verses Outcome

        Achieving peak sporting performance requires the optimization of variables, such as physical and mental training, rest, nutrition, team dynamics, and tactics.  There are several important environmental conditions and their possible effect on exercise performance on outdoor sporting venues.  Important external factors that can influence performance include temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, cloud cover, ultraviolet radiation, allergens, atmospheric. and altitude above sea level. 

Which is more important - Performance or Outcome?
       An athlete can have an outstanding performance that represents their personal best and yet not win a contest because other athletes have performed even better. 

       Conversely, an athlete may perform poorly and still win if all other athletes perform at an even lower level.

       These are just the facts of life that one must accept as a competitor. To someone who truly wants to succeed, the solution is to train even harder and not become complacent just because they are not challenged every day when practice at their training facility.

       Establish realistic goals. Only you can control reaching a personal goal to land a clean axel jump. In a competition, the athlete only has control of their performance as part of achieving a goal of winning a competition.

       Athletes have an even greater control of achieving the goal of winning if their personal goal is to technically perform each element in their program without a major error. Successfully achieving realistic technical goals ultimately gives the athlete more control over his/her performance.

Performance Goal Outcome Goal
Spin Center, hold positions, increase spin, controlled exit
Achieving higher level from Technical Specialists
Jumps Clean takeoff, good air position, complete full rotation, controlled landing and exit position
Earning positive Grades of Execution from judges
Connecting Steps, Transitions
Incorporate complex turns and moves in both CW & CCW directions with speed depth of edges
Achieving higher level from Technical Specialists

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