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Criteria in Selecting a Partner

Scouting for talent
       Besides natural talent, a skater's age, physical size, and body shape are factors when being chosen as a competitive pair/dance partner or as a member of a synchronized or Theater on ice team.

       A skater's personality and work habits are considered when decisions are made concerning the choice of a pair/dance partner or being selected as a member of a synchronized or Theater on ice team.

       Economics also plays an important role in sports like figure skating that are expensive. There are lessons and practice sessions to acquire the necessary skills for pair skating, free dance, synchronize team, and Theater On Ice programs.

       Many parents forget that there is a level of skating skills that is necessary for their son or daughter to be considered as a partner or team member.

       There also is an ongoing process that are necessary to increasing a skater's solo/individual skating skills if they hope to become an elite skater in any figure skating discipline. Advanced skaters should be participating in and practicing off ice exercises, workshops, and in developing their dance/artistic skills.

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The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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