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Parent - Teen Relationships

Family Dynamics
      There are many ways that parents try to handle the changes that occur as their children enter into transition into becoming a preteen, teenage, and young adult.  Some are successful and some are not.

       Problems or lack there of prior to children becoming a teenage can provide a hint of what is ahead. Being prepared is always a good strategy. The best advice is to develop a trusting relationship with children as they are growing up.

      The relationships between parents, teens, and other siblings does not have to be filled with conflicts; however, everyone must put their best effort to solve the conflicts. They will not solve themselves by not acknowledging that problems exist.

      When any individual is disrespectful, obnoxious, or even abusive it is natural for the target of the behavior to feel frustrated and exhausted from the constant conflict! Attempts to avoid saying something that will set the individual off is not a permanent solution.

      Occasionally every adult and child can have a bad day and say things they would like to take back. Unfornately there are no "do overs" in real life, Sometimes a really bad decision is made that may cause physical injury or worse and a crime is committed. It is possible to have unconditional love and disaprove of the actions a person has taken.

      Before things get out of control, lines of communication and trust should be established. The following topics will provide perspective to communications.

      Parents and teens need to:

  1. Accept that changes are occurring.
  2. Believe that your relationships with each other can be positive
  3. Understand that the bonds are for a lifetime
  4. It is acceptable to indicate your love is unconditional, but some decisions and behavior are not acceptable.
  5. Be willing to seek professional family counseling

        Here are some ideas that might help:

        If these self help ideas do not succeed, professional counseling is advised so the problems do not escalate.


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