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Test Requirements

TR 34.00 Requirements for Passing Pairs Tests

TR 34.01 In order to pass a pairs test, a candidate shall have received a passing total or a “pass” for the entire test from a majority of the judges.

TR 34.02 In order for a pairs test to pass, no serious errors, following reskated elements (see TR 37.01), as defined below may be present. However, if only one serious error is present after the test has been skated, judges may have the option of using the second (presentation) mark, if warranted, to pass the test or of requesting a reskate.

A. Serious errors for pairs tests are:
1. Lifts:
a. A fall;
b. Collapsed lift;
c. Lift does not go up;
d. No catch on twist lifts.
2. Death spirals:
a. A fall;
b. Man does not attain a pivot position;
c. Lady’s foot collapses.
3. Pairs or solo spins:
a. A fall;
b. Either partner does not perform the spin;
c. Fewer than the required revolutions.
4. Singles elements such as jumps, spins, footwork:
a. The same as for the singles free skate test in TR 27.02 A (1–8).

B. Quality errors for pairs tests not necessitating failure are:
1. The same as for the singles free skate test in TR 27.02 B (1–5).

C. The serious errors outlined above require reskates by both partners.

TR 34.03 In all pairs tests, the pair shall be judged and shall “pass” or “retry” as a pair. A partner in such tests who has already passed the test being tried shall not be affected if a subsequent attempt of the same test with a different partner has been marked “retry.”

TR 35.00 Pairs Test Rules

TR 35.01 Each pair shall consist of a lady and a man.

TR 35.02 The candidate(s) in a pairs test shall have passed the preceding test with either the same or a different partner.

TR 35.03 Prior to taking standard pairs tests, candidates must have taken and passed at least the equivalent level standard moves in the field test. Prior to taking adult pairs tests candidates must have taken and passed at least theequivalent level adult moves in the field test or standard moves in the field test per TR 33.02.

TR 35.04 Pairs tests shall be skated in the order set forth in the Schedule of Pairs Tests (TR 39.00).

TR 35.05 For pairs tests, the entire ice surface shall be available.

TR 35.06 For pairs tests vocal music with lyrics is permitted.

TR 35.07 In the event of a substantive change to any required pairs technical element(s) by the ISU, the chair of the Pairs Committee will revise the affected pairs test(s) to include such change(s) as soon as practical. The chair will notify the chairs of the Judges, Rules and Tests committees, and U.S. Figure Skating will post the change on the official web site, notify club test chairs and ensure that test forms are modified accordingly.

A strong background in free skating, especially multi-revolution jumps is highly recommended for anyone wishing to skate competitive in qualifying pair events.


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