General Skating

Forward One Foot Glides

Workshop Lesson Plan




Forward Right and Left Foot Glides in a straight line.

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to balance with an extended free leg position. 

The forward progress down the ice must demonstrate the ability to transition from one foot to the opposite foot while presenting elegant body and free leg positions.

  • Power
  • Posture/Form
  • Balance
  • Extension
  • Pushes should use the entire blade. An occasional toe push is acceptable; however, toe pushing on every stroke is a major error.
  • Free leg extensions should not be in a spiral position.
  • An ability to hold a sustained glide should be observed.
  • Head should be up, with a nice arch to back.
  • Hands should be held out to the side at waist level.
  • The position of the free leg should not droop.
  • Transitions from one foot to another requires changing weight while both knees are bent.
  • Gradually straightening the skating knee as the free leg extends backward over the tracing.
  • Teach extension using the barrier – emphasize free leg turn out and upper body posture.
  • Push, glide, and balance with extended free leg position. Push and repeat.  Gradually add more initial strokes to gain speed prior to gliding.
  • Practice gliding on right and left foot from blue to red and red to blue hockey lines in middle of rink.