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The Goal of creating this discussion group is to provide resources that allows parents, skaters, and coaches establish commuications and appreciation for
the roles that parents, coaches, and judges play in developing an individualized short and long term plan for skaters of all skill levels to aspire to achieve their full potential.

      It is very important that parents of beginning skaters be able to make informed skating decisions. The reference articles are designed to serve as a starting point to learn about the sport of figure skating. We hope our efforts will assist parents and skaters in their efforts to be able to formulate additional questions and perform additional research in their quest for answers.

      We hope the discussion topics will cover a broad range of topics useful to all  skaters, parents, coaches, judges, and officers/board of directors of figure skating clubs. Materials cited as web resources are provided under the provisions of the "fair use educational doctrine" allowed by United States copyright law for personal educational purposes.  They may not be reproduced for personal gain or profit.

      Many younger skaters are elementary school students may not have the access or the opportunity to perform supervised internet searches. Therefore, sufficient web resources are provided to allow them to read the reference materials that their parents can easily print copies of so they may complete the Distance Learning Assignments without performing web searches.

       Parents of junior high students may wish to supervise any web searches. Skaters in high school may have their own personal computers with internet access on home. Cited articles lists the web URL of the site to facilitate a skater or parent in expanding their research on the topic after reading the article. NOTE: We have discovered that over time links to many articles seem to disappear. We apologize for any inconvenience and will attempt to located a link that works if you notify use.

      This site is being developed as part of a distance education project envisioned by Claude and Ruth Sweet, who are retired educators and USFS Gold judges in Free Skating, Pairs, Dance, and MITF, Silver Figures, and hold an International Dance Test appointment.

The materials are provided as a public service to anyone interest in figure skating;
however, the articles are only for personal use and may not be
copied and distributed without the permission, acknowledgment of the author(s), and credit given to the source. Under no circumstances is the information posted on this site to be used by a commercial enterprise or private individual or organization to generate a profit or sell produces/services.

Readers must determine the validity of each reference. Inclusion does not imply an endorsement of the content or opinions of the authors.

San Diego Figure Skating Communications is not responsible for the statements, comments,
or opinions of the authors of articles on this web site. Please contact the authors directly if you have any questions.

San Diego Figure Skating Communications does not knowingly publish incorrect information and we will make corrections when brought to our attention.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.     Contact - <webmaster@sdfsc-enews.org>

The mission of U.S. Figure Skating is to provide programs to encourage
participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.

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Web site for figure skaters of all ages involved in
Basic Skating Skills and USFS Figure Skating programs

Suggestions and comments from rink management, coaches,
     choreographers, judges, skaters, and parents are welcomed. 

Articles are continiously under development to serve as reading/reference
materials for seminars for skaters, parents, coaches, and judges.

    Information is an
important tool that provides a basis for the articles being developed. The goal is to help facilitate communications between judges and coaches that provides the technical descriptions  coaches use in their teaching and for judges the basis they use to arrive at the minimum standard for passing each level of tests.

  Comments and suggestions are welcomed so a balance of different perspectives can be achieved. Input from coaches and judges will help to achieve a consensus. We hope our efforts will result in skaters who are well prepared to test and receive a uniform evaluation by judges from rink to rink.

San Diego Figure Skating Communications (SDFSC) goal is to provide information
that encourages participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.

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