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Goals of On-Line
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The Goal of creating this web site is to provide the resources that allow parents,
skaters, and coaches to develop an individualized plan designed to achieve short
 and long term skating goals for all skill levels - beginner through elite skaters.

   It is very important that parents of beginning skaters are able to make informed skating decisions. The goal of reference information is to serve as a beginning to learn about the sport of figure skating. We hope our efforts will assist parents and skaters in their efforts to form additional questions and perform their own additional research to seek answers.

   The articles posed at our site cover a broad range of topics that we hope be useful to all skaters, parents, coaches, judges, and officers/board of directors of figure skating clubs. There are articles that include or cite web resources. These materials are provided under the provisions of the "fair use educational doctrine" allowed by United States copyright law for personal educational purposes. The articles may not be reproduced for personal gain or profit. The articles are the personal property of the authors.

   Many younger skaters are elementary school students may not have the access or the opportunity to perform supervised internet searches. Valuable links to web materials sometimes disappear over time so we include both the article and provide links to sources to facilitate the user to easily continue an in-depth search of the topic.

   We will assist discussion group leaders in developing PowerPoint slide presentations for hosting local meetings. We also are providing a web centered Distance Learning Program for individuals who have constraints that prevent them from participating in physical meetings sponsored by a local figure skating club.

   Parents of elementary and junior high students are encouraged to supervise their child's web searches. Skaters in high school may have their own personal computers with internet access on home. Articles with a web source contains the URL of the site to facilitate an expanded web research on the topic after reading the article.

   This site is being developed as part of a distance education project envisioned by Claude and Ruth Sweet, retired educators who are also USFS Gold judges in Free Skating, Pairs, and MITF, Silver Figure judges, and hold an International Dance Test judging appointment.

   It is their hope that their efforts will be used to inform and provide a foundation for research into how the various ice skating sports are changing.  This site is not intended for use as a platform for conjecture. It does encourage a discussion ideas or concepts that are part of scientific research designed to support or reject a stated hypothesis.

All materials are copy protected. 
The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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