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Off-Ice Seminar Topics

       The following is a list of seminar topics for a potential audience of new parents, their young skaters, and prospective judges.

       Many clubs host such seminars annually for new members wishing to take tests and enter competitions. The topics are designed so that they can become acquainted with the many facets of becoming a USFS member.

       The cost can be nominal for the hosting club providing it can draw upon the talents and expertise of local elite skaters, coaches, and judges, If it is necessary to bring presenters in for the seminar, the cost can be defrayed by combining the seminar with an open competition and or test session.

       Some suggestions for possible topics that might be included in an off ice seminar for parents and skaters include:

Incorporating Elements of MITF into Free Skating Programs

The importance of a skater's presentation skills
IJS Presentation Guidelines

Understanding GOE's and Program Deductions

What Is A "Well Balanced Program"?

The role of music selection and the Choreographer

Understanding the Judging System

Judging Spins  

Cheated Jumps   &   Evaluation Of Jumps

Judging Tests Verses 6.0 Competition

MITF Judging Criteria

Appropriate Costuming

Conflict Management & Resolution Policies

Becoming A Judge   

Amateur Ice Shows

Rink Facilities & Club Activities


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Physical and Mental Training Considerations

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