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Selling Naming Rights
of an Ice Skating Rink and its Amenities

Selling the right to name a facility can generate considerable funds to use in developing the project
       It is possible to sell the rights of a building and specific amenities to raise the funds to construct an ice skating rink or large sports and recreational center. Churches, public schools, universities, park and recreation departments, YMCA, etc. have used this method for years to fund the construction of new buildings and services.

       It is unlikely that a for profit business will be able to pull off the sale of a building's "Naming Rights", except for the record of success by professional sports (i.e. football, baseball, and basketball stadium/arenas). Public agencies and organizations such as - park and recreation departments, schools boards, and public/private universities have no problem in justifying raising funds by applying pressure to alumni, philanthropic individuals/organizations, plus businesses wishing to do business with the organization raising the funds.

       Sometime an organization will charge a fee for service business to obtain an exclusive contact to provide exclusive, long term access to a captive audience at a sports or concert venue. An example would be food service and other concessionaires, including souvenir sales, and parking, etc.

       The most important single fund raising project is of course naming the building after a major donator.  Even with this occurring, there are specific amenities within the building's super structure that may require funding donations. This is usually accomplished by listing the name(s) of individual contributing towards the cost of large individual items and equipment that are essential to the building's functionality. Plaques are attached to the item or prominently placed in an area adjacent to the item.

Other Fund Raising Ideas
       Other fund raising activities have included selling building materials such as paving bricks with sponsor names that become a part of exterior landscaping or commemorative titles with the names of sponsors to adorn exterior and interior walls.

       The following are prices that should recover or generate the majority of the costs to construct the building and install the permanent amenities. Redundancy is considered very important in a design that is expected to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year without shutting down. It is vital to provide back-up capacity to maintain ice in the event of equipment repair or regular maintenance.

       Energy efficiency and power consumption can be controlled, but usually the initial expense to acquire, install, and maintain the equipment has an associated cost. There may be State and Federal program that provide incentives for premium efficiency systems, gas driven equipment, and green power.
       Reclaiming normally wasted heat provides a positive customer environment if the initial design includes waste heat recover  for use in the Zamboni, showers, space heating, etc..

       The life cycle of the system components must be designed in such a manner that it will have a 25- to 30-year life span without requiring any major alterations.

       The assumption is that a competitive bidding process will deliver a median price range for a specified quality of construction materials and labor:

Main Arena -
Olympic size 100 x 200
     The main arena ice surface is designed for spectator events seating 3,500 to 5,000 for competi- tions and tournaments on ice for figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, and curling. The multi- purpose floor allows for concerts, trade shows, roller skating, ballroom dancing, square dancing, and other large community events.


Permanent seating on sides of rink
2 sides available
VIP Boxes on Executive level - Seating 20 each
8 available
VIP Row Seats
50 available
Bleacher Temporary Seating on ends of rink
2 available
Wet Locker Rooms
4 available
Dry Locker Rooms
4 available
Penalty Boxes
2 available
Players Benches
4 available
Score Keepers Area
Closed Circuit TV control room
Scoreboard - Central suspended sound system with 4 sided scoreboard
 $450,000 visible from
side of rink - 2 available

  $225,000 visible from ends of rink - 2 available

Large Image Display Panels for action replays
$750,000 visible from
side of rink - 2 available

  $525,000 visible from ends of rink - 2 available
Dasherboard Signage 
40 available
Zamboni Machine*

Common Facility Areas
Party/Conference Rooms
Parent Lounge
Skate changing areas
Plaza Level Café fast food Eating Areas for skaters
Loge Level Bistro sit down food & wine/beer - for spectators and customer without skates
Pro Shop/Skate Rentals

Junior Rink -
NHL size 85 x 200 feet 

    This ice surface is designed for public skating sessions, and practice sessions for figure skating, speed skating and hockey.

Dry Locker Rooms
4 available
2 available
Bleacher Seat Section
2 available
Benches Junior Rink
Score Keepers Area
2 available
Dasherboard Signage
40 available
Zamboni Machine*

Curling Rink -
6 Sheets,  Each 15 x 140 feet
Totaling 90 x 140 feet

     Besides curling, this ice surface is designed for group class instruction, private parties, and practice sessions for younger figure, speed, and hockey skaters


Hacks - 2 hacks per sheets
6 available
Stones - 8 rocks per end, 2 ends per sheet
12 available
Permanent seating across ends
2 available
Dry Locker Rooms
6 available

Outdoor Flagpole and plaza area with benches
    $75,000 - $325,000
Outdoor Water Pond & Landscaped Garden
  $125,000 - $500,000

Corporate Sponsorships - no limit to number of sponsorships


* The NHL requires that two machines resurface the ice between periods. The ice is resurfaced before the game, after warm-ups, between periods, during playoffs, and when the game is over. With two resurfacing machines, it takes three minutes to complete the floor, each making four full passes up the ice. With one, it takes between six and seven minutes with eight full passes up the length of the ice.

       A central facility can be designed to provide the refrigeration equipment to make the ice and dehumidify the air of the facility. This is a more cost effective operation than a design with individual system of compressors for each ice surface.

       Matching the cooling needs to various sizes and loads of compressors is possible with  multiple and different size compressors. This setup avoids excess capacity without risking shutting down any part of the facility due to a piece of equipment being off line due to failure or being out of service for regularly scheduled maintenance. 

       Brine can be super cooled at night and stored for use during the day, thus shifting much of the electrical consumption to lower rates charged during off peak hours.

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