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Big Disconnect
The 2010 AT&T U.S. Figure Skating Championships, it has reaffirmed to me that the skating has never been better. Some people out there who will disagree with me.

25 Years
Looking back to 1985, there has never been a greater time of growth and change in skating. Our sport transformed itself in 1990, when school figures were eliminated from all International and World competitions.

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
The 20/60/20 Rule of Leadership goes like this. About 20 percent of the people in a group won't do, or at least won't want to do, what is es-sential to get the job done.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Knowledge that has been passed down from coach to student regarding figures and how in a short time this information is going to be gone.

Just A Few Thoughts
Competitions ultimately are scored by judges regardless of the system.

Back to Basics
Why are we in such a rush to push children out of our sport?

Where Are We Heading?
Concern about unaffiliated coaches who have neither teaching credentials nor experience.

Coach Driven
Our industry is attempting to become more competitive in an unstable market. Coaches are running from rink to rink, trying to find ice time and students, learn the IJS, and fulfill their Continuing Education Requirement.

Not Funny Anymore
Figure Skating has become the target of late night humorists, bloggers, and columnists.

Danger, Danger
High carbon dioxide levels in some rinks from a poorly maintained ice resurfacer.

No "I" In Team
Why do some coaches and elite skaters feel they have a sense of entitlement?

Is The Sky Falling?
Naysayers had not expected the Spokane Nationals to have record breaking attendance and was one of the best skated Nationals of all time.

Skating On Thin Ice
It is not a question of whether our sport is skating on thin ice or not… the question is will there be anyone around to save us when we fall through?

Always Next Year
Self-evaluation was critical in my improvement as a coach. How many coaches actually go through this process of self-evaluation?

Fall Down and Get Back Up
The principles to help get through the poor economoc times revolves around effort and education.

Nature of the Beast
The importance of having qualified, well-trained skating school and competitive figure skating coaches.

Twisted Metal
Boots and blades analyzed focusing on what possible affect poor equipment could have on their performance.

Plus 1
Some changes I’d like to see in the IJS.

Last Tango
ISU is contemplating the end of compulsory dances at ISU events.

Time to say Goodbye
Clarification of an ethical situation

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