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Modifying Patterns of Behaviors

Behavior tolerated at home may be unacceptable in sports
      Coaches of individual skaters and teams frequently must deal with skaters and parents whose behavior disrupts the focus/concentration that makes the enjoyment and participation by other athletes athletes, parents, and sometimes spectators.

      Many regions may initially lack a sufficient pool of skaters to be able to divide the athletes into various groups by age, physical appearance and/or skill levels and have enough individuals to form a competitive team.

      It is extremely important that each individual athlete work to their full potential through participation in group and private instruction followed by a regular schedule of on and off ice training sessions.

      The following articles attempt to provide methods of preventing and, if necessary, deal with such individuals using non confrontational interventions that defuse the threats of physical violence that increasingly is occurring in amateur organized sports.


Behavior Modification Techniques - Techniques for Modifying   Behavior modification techniques are ways in which a desired behavior is incorporated. With this article, get to know about the strategies that can be used.

Changing Habits: A Five Step Process for Modifying Behavior April 29, 2010 Many of us are caught in unconscious habits. We do things without even thinking about them.

Modifying Behavior in an Elementary Classroom: Use Pavlov's     March 29, 2009  When poor behavior interferes with student learning, identify the desirable replacement behavior, then apply extinction and reinforcement.

PostScript File Inheriting and Modifying Behavior Inheriting and Modifying Behavior. Neelam Soundarajan and Stephen Fridella. Computer and Information Science. The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH.

animal behavior :: conditioning - A Way of Modifying Behavior A way of modifying behavior: The behavior of many, perhaps all, animals can be modified by a kind of training called called conditioning - classical conditioning was discovered by the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov; and operant conditioning discovered by the American psychologist B.F. Skinner.


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Levels of Skating Skills
Modifying Patterns of Behaviors
Role of Sleep in Athletic Performance
Identifying & Reacting to Moods
PDF  Planning Special Olympic Season

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