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Mega Rinks Open to the Public

    Multiple ice surfaces, ranging from 2 to 8, are combined to form a mega ice skating facility. These are privately financed and open for use and rental by community groups and organizations.  Generally the ice surfaces are operational year round with intensive usage during the peak seasonal league games and competitions.

    Many serious athletes in ice skating sports now train on the ice during the off-season when previously they were forced to cross train in other sports (running, weight lifting, in-line skating, etc.) because the local ice rinks closed during the summer and the only ice was available a major training centers.
    There now are many more facilities open year round with the improved energy efficient refrigeration and dehumidification systems.  Investors in ice skating facilities now understand that adding a second ice surface is sound investment because there is a strong demand from athletes for ice time in the summer.

      The $21 million project totals over 300,000 square feet. Included in the arena is:
  • There are a total of 32 oversized locker rooms that provide comfortable quarters for all user groups.

  • A pro shop is stocked to meet the needs of patrons.

  • There also is an extensive dryland training facilities for hockey and figure skating.                                      


  • The Hat Trick Café is located on the upper level of the Schwan Super Rink, overlooking rinks 1-4. It is an ideal destination for spectators to watch ice events in a comfortable 70 degree atmosphere and has an extensive menu, including everything from ice cream and candy to pizza and hamburgers.

The Hat Trick Café also make's itself available to cater corporate events, skating parties, and birthdays.
  • A concession stand, The Hat Trick Express is located in the lobby of rinks 5&6. It serves rinks 5-8 with a more basic menu.

    The Super Rink is named after the Schwan Food Company, one of the major sponsors.

  • The Schwan's Super Rink, is located on the grounds of the National Sports Center, Blaine, Minnesota, a northern suburb of Minneapolis – Saint Paul.
  • This facility is the largest ice arena of its kind in the United States. This state-of-the-art facility is the only arena in the world with four Olympic sheets of ice under one roof. The $11 million project totals over 140,000 square feet.

  • Included in the arena is the pleasant surroundings of the warm Hat Trick Cafe that overlooks all four sheets, 16 oversized locker rooms that provide comfortable quarters for all user groups and a pro shop for your ice sport needs.

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Mega Rinks Open to Public

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