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Management Summary

Rink Management
      The economic conditions will affect the ability to raise money to capital the project However, the sluggish economy also lowers the prices of construction materials, and labor. A difficult economy makes it an urgent priority for highly qualified and experienced management that is attentive to details and providing customer satisfaction. Management must have a sense of urgency to grow business for the facility. This physiology must be instilled in the employees.

      It is difficult to attain the expertise and necessary knowledge to maximize the value of the ice arena business; however, The Ice Skating Institute offers courses designed to provide the knowledge and skills to run a successful ice skating business. Someone on the staff  must have the specialized mechanical skills to operate and repair the refrigeration plant's equipment (compressors, coolant circulation system, heat exchange system, pumps, etc.   

      A successful marketing program requires an understanding of the specific needs of the different skating clients and associated spectators. A personal customer attitude is required to run every retail entertainment business. This must include a flexible schedule that aggressively ensures that the very expensive hours of ice time are sold, and good relationships with hockey, speed skating, curling, and figure skating clubs that will contract for exclusive use that extends over weeks/months, plus private groups that will become the core client base of your business.

Mechanical Aspects of Facility Management: Your primary business operations involves maintaining an artificial environment of specific temperature, humidity, light, and air quality. These must be effectively monitored, and the equipment maintained 24 hours a day to run your facility's physical plant effectively. The quality of the ice surface(s) must meet the exacting demands of multiple types of customers and spectators.

Rink Construction  A new facility allows the developer to do it properly by investing in lower the long term management and operation. It is generally a wise investment to hire a consulting design/engineering firm to design/review your plans and make appropriate recommendations to avoid making expensive mistakes.

It is extremely important to prevent the typical frost/heave damage of the ice floors that occurs over extended period of operating year round. It is initially more expensive to install multipurpose concrete floors that allow alternative events in the arena and practice ice rinks, but when factored over the life of the building, it make good business sense.

Consideration should be give to construct a co-generating power plant that will efficiently operate the refrigeration compressors, provide a central hot water source, and electrical service for the facilities with the possibility of selling excess power to the utility grid.

Moisture problems and ventilation issues must be address to preserve the building structure and provide a comfortable environment for athletes, staff, and spectators.

The ultimate goal is to install sufficient backup equipment to prevent and downtime and loss of revenue.

      The initial construction and site plan should include the complete facility when fully built out. This allows for a centralized power plant to be constructed that will allow excess heat from the refrigeration equipment to be recycled as hot water and to warm the rooms to a comfortable temperature for spectators.  A central power plant allows the exact number or size of compressors to run that the supply for coolant matches the demand. 

      Design consideration must be given to obtaining a Green Environmental designation.  Ideally ambient light should be directed to interior areas to reduce the lighting load while minimizing heat transfer, especially in climates with extreme periods of hot and cold temperatures, heavy, wet snow loads, dust storms, and extreme weather like hurricanes and tornados that require interior shelters for clients and members of the surrounding community.

      The initial management team for the Ultimate Sports and Fitness Center Inc. depends on the selection of highly qualified and respected general partners who are considered upper management of the facility. They would be responsible for scheduling, marketing, and developing promotions, along with organizing and developing various sports leagues and social, wellness, and fitness programs for the community.

      A management team to run the day-to-day operations will carry out decisions of the general partners. This may also include staff members who will compensate for the founders lack of experience in any area. For example, qualified heads of department will assemble personnel to staff the food and beverage, massage therapy, and fitness sides of the business. General help staff will be hired on a need basis as the users of the facility increase. There will also be a janitorial and maintenance staff hired for basic cleanliness and normal repairs of the complex.

      The Ultimate Sports and Fitness Center Inc. will have a total staff  that depends on what facilities come on line. It is projected that additional staff will be added each year until the center is completely built out. The majority of the total salary packages (wages, vacation, health benefits, sick time, and profit participation) are projected to raise each year until the complex is completely built out.

Personnel Plan  See the Human Resourse list below for various departments of the Ultimate Sports and Fitness Center Inc.  Each department would develop a list of staff and a detailed job description for each position.  It is assumed that the physical plant will be the responsibility of a supervisor with a support staff to carryout daily and long term planning required to insure there would be no down time and lost income for scheduled year round operation of 20 plus hours per day, seven day weeks (open most holidays), and fifty-two weeks per year.

Personnel Plan

Pre Grand Opening
Stage 1
Stage 2 Stage 3  
Stage 4                 
Built Out
General Manager and/or Partner

Assistant Manager and/or General Partner

Accountant, Payroll and Tax preparation

Ice Arena/Convention Manager

Facilities and Power Plant Manager

Restaurant, Convention, Arena, Banquet. and Food Court Manager

Sports Shop Manager

Fitness Fitness Manager

Sports Court Gym Manager

Marketing and Publicity Manager

General Staff

Custodial staff

Maintenance & Repair staff

Part time and Temporary Staff (no benefits under 20 hours per week)

Total People

Total Payroll

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