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Managing Sports Teams

Team Management
     Many people think of a professional sports team who has a well paid manager/coach who directs the daily decisions of actual game plays of team sports like football, baseball, and basket ball.  Colleges and universities also employ team coaches who perform the same role in big time NCAA amateur sports.

     There is usually someone who has decision making responsibilities above the coaches, such as the director of athletes at the school, or the chief operating officer of a professional sports team who can fire the team manager/coach.

Team Leader
     The position as a team leader is one of the most challenging volunteer skills to master. Positioned between the demands of management and players, a team leader's skills must include the ability to juggle multiple priorities while keeping performance high and costs under control. A team leader should not have the power to dismiss a player from a team, especially when they may have a son or daughter skating on the team. Team leaders should be trained to use the art of persuasive as a means of gaining the team member's commitment to the project.

     A conflict resolution policy must be established that spells out the steps that must be followed to document a problem, steps made to effect a resolution, and why the problem rises to a level that requires arbitration by the club board of directors.  Everyone needs to remember that the club is a volunteer organization and the goal should be to support and encourage every athlete who signs a pledge to follow an ethics and sportsmanship contract at the start of each new season.

    A specific written contract dealing with:
  • Attending practices on time
  • Consistently late for practices
  • Demotion from spot on permanent team
  • Substituting alternate skaters for a permanent position on time
  • Failure to be current with dues
  • Failure to be available to compete in announced dates
Developing Teamwork
     Teamwork is the key to accomplishing the goals the team leader must use manage the emotional conflicts that routinely occur.

    A team leader skills development course should developed and participation required to train new team leaders each year and refresh policies for returning team leaders. The course can borrow from business tools that have been refined over the years that provide methods to practicing the art of persuading and guiding individuals in using the skills of:
  • Giving and Receiving feedback
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Business acumen
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Negotiation
     Synchronized skating teams need to attract financial assistance from local businesses to help raise the funds to allow the team(s) to travel to compete in sectional and national competitions.

    The donations provide opportunities for the young athletes to develop and support the values of good sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork while providing a positive image of the business in the community which is a true win - win situation.

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Managing a Softball Sports Team with TeamSnap  There is a lot of work for the team manager and coaches who are responsible for managing amateur teams from 16 to more than 30 members.  Use software to manage:
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  • Chaperones
  • Synchro Coordinator
  • Team Selection Policy
  • Travel Policy
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Synchronized Skating Team Contract   Expectations are explained by the Synchronized Skating Director in a meeting with skaters, parents, coaches, and team manager to explain the contract.

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