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MITF Critique Sheets

These sheets are based on the PSA MITF Manual and the USFS Rulebook that are widely used by coaches and USFS Judges.

The sheets should only be used as an evaluation tool by individuals who own a current copy of the PSA manual and/or USFS Rulebook.

The purpose of these sheets is to provide a convenient way to record a judge's comments during a critique of a skater's performance that has been requested by the coach.

The following MITF elements are in effect as of Sept. 1, 2010.

    Judges will apply the marking of MITF (TR 22.00 - TR22,07) and focus points (TR 22.08)  as published in the current 2010-11 USFS Rulebook. The same information is also included in the newly revised PSA MITF Manual.

    The information provided is based on application of the above rules to the old and new MITF elements and is not represented as an official posting of the USFS Test Committee.

    There are several totally new elements and new combinations of existing skill sets that coaches must teach and judges must evaluate:
  • Figure centers, pushes, body form, and edge control
  • Loop technique, body form, and edge/turn control
  • Twizzle technique, body form, and edge/turn control
    It is the goal of these sheets for judges and coaches to be in agreement on the focus points covered in TR 22.00 to 22.08.  Hopefully judges and coaches will NOT just stress the one or two focus points that have previously been associated with the individual test elements, and ignoring the absence or presence of essential, basic, fundamental skating skills.

No Changes to pre-preliminary test structure
All Pre-Preliminary Elements in one file
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The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

USFS Test Judging Topics
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PDF  Chart of Changes to MITF  9/2/2010 PDF  2011 USFS Tests Book 8/27/10
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PDF  Focus Points: Evaluate Tests

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The limited use of the materials for education purposes is allowed providing
credit is given for the source of the materials.

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