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Levels of Skating Skills

Master a Skill and Only Learn the Skill Once
       The loss of learning to skate figures has resulted in new coaches lacking the understanding of the body positions and control required for figures. Most importantly, there is no appreciation for learning the basic skills of skating figure eight's on forward and backward on outside and inside edges. This is important because this control served as the foundation to add other features such a threes, brackets, counter, and rocker turns on two and three lobe figures.

       It is quite natural for beginning figure skaters to want to rush ahead and learn to free skate. The same problem occurs when young hockey skaters want to learn to shot and score goals before they can stand up without the assistance of a hockey stick.  The same can also be said about those who think that they can ballroom dance and dancing on ice should be easy. Well it is if they learn to ice skate before attempting to ice dance.

       The following articles provide a variety of topics that may be helpful in answering questions of parents who have little or no previous experience actively participating in winter sports.

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Modifying Skater Behaviors

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Levels of Skating Skills
Modifying Patterns of Behaviors
Role of Sleep in Athletic Performance
Identifying & Reacting to Moods
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