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Mission Statement

Hockey league administrators, speed skating clubs, and synchronized team skating
need to develop a Mission Statement that explains clearly the purpose for
the organization and what it will do.

    A mission statement is a short, direct expression of the vision of the organization. It takes time and thoughtful reflection to invision, understand, and articulate the purpose and vision which represents the organization's mission. 

    The following is rough draft of a mission statement that can be used as a starting point to help you  create your own:  
(Insert organization’s name) aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience for every athlete and coach. A high-quality experience is one in which every individual:
  • Has fun wile acquiring the skills to compete
  • He or she feels they are a vaued member of the (Insert organization’s name) regardless of their skating level or competitive performance
  • Learns “life lessons” that have value beyond being involved in the (Insert sport's name)
  • Develops and learns as an athlete an understanding of the skills, tactics, and strategies of the (Insert sport's name)
    It’s not enough to simply have a vision written in your mission statement.  The key is to share this mission statement with parents, coaches and administrators so that everyone understands what they are collectively working towards achieving.

Prepare A Written Description of a Coach and Volunteer Jobs
    The first step is for coaches and volunteers know what is expected of them!  This must occur before you can evaluate performances against those expectations.  It is very desirable if parents and skaters provide feedback on whether the coach and sport's organization's directors have developed programs that fullfill players emotional needs. A program to educate your coaches and volunteers on the criteria  that they will be evaluated against.

    To get your coaches familiar with the concepts, consider requiring all of your coaches to review the Responsible Coaching Guide

    Next, create and distribute a Coaching/Volynteer Job Description.  This description should include the three principles included in the Season Evaluation:
  • Providing Emotional Accomplisment and Confidence
  • Sportsmanship - Honoring The Game
  • Coaching For Mastery of Technical Skills

    The job description should also include your other expectations for your coach.

    It is not enough to develop job descriptions, it is necessary for coaches and other volunteeers tosign their job description to ensure that they agree to the established parameters and criteria.

Give Parents an Evaluation Heads-Up
     It is very important to let parents, coaches, team managers, officials, and league directors – know that you will be conducting evaluations at the end of the season.  A draft of a Pre-Season Parent Letter can be used as a start for your letter or email. The letter should discuss the topics the survey will covers:
  • Safety
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Coaching For Mastery of Technical Skills
  • Providing Emotional Accomplisment and Confidence
  • Overall Communication
    There are a variety of resources available to you to help you as you begin this process.
  • Review the Responsible Coaching guide
  • Review the Responsible Sport Parenting guide
  • Consider partnering with other organizations to conduct coaching workshops for your organization
  • Consider working with the sport's national governing body if you’re just launching an organization and need help with everything from mission statements to creating your board to securing facilities and establishing a positive, responsible sports environment for youth athletes

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