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Juvenile Ladies & Men
Freeskate Requirements

    The IJS provides a much better system to provide information to the skater so they can see how the specific list of elements and how the judges rated them individually numerical values are published. Coaches can develop a strategy of what elements to incorporate in the program by adding up the base value, the levels, and GOE's that can be achieved under different performances including falls and down graded elements.

   The IJS is very rule and regulation oriented. The technical and judging panels make technical decision and judge assess how well the skater performed what they attempted. The high and low marks are dropped when calculating a trimmed mean score for the required elements GOEs and five Program Components.
Juvenile Ladies and Men Freeskate Program

The program requirements for a USFS singles intermediate freestyle program is
the same if judged using either the 6.0 system or the ISU Judging System

Duration: 2:15 +/- 10 sec.  10 elements

Items with * are required elements.
(Max 6)
1 must be an Axel-type jump*
Number of jumps in jump sequence is not limited.
No more than 3 double jumps may be repeated (1 each), but only as part of combo or sequence.
Maximum of 2 of any double jump
No triple jumps
Combos (Max 3)
Max 3 combos or sequences
Combos limited to 2 jumps, but one 3 jump combo is permitted.
(Max 3)
1 flying entry*
1 combo with minimum 1 change of position*
3rd is option of the skater
All spins may change feet and start with a fly
Spins must be of a different nature

Step Sequences
(Max 1)

Straight line, circular, or serpentine
Must use entire ice surface


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