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       A Junior Figure Skating Club should be an official part of every USFS Club. It provides skaters with an opportunity to acquire organizational and management skills that can be used of work and college admission and scholarship applications.

      The leadership experience can be invaluable for those who want to run for student body positions at school. The junior club's activities can include functions that are related to skating and social/fun activities.

      The formation of a Junior Club would have an adult club member acting as a mentor. The junior club ultimately reports to the monthly meetings of the USFS Club. The guidance of an adult club member on the junior board allows contracts to be signed so they can develop the responsibility. skills to plan, and the abilities to plan and carry out fund raising activities to support their own programs.  Note: Some Senior clubs may actually set aside funds in their budget to provide the junior members with how to prioritize their projects and manage their financial resources for a 12 month period. Any income can be reported on the senior club's income tax filings.

Typical Club Activities

PDF   A club's Competitive Team
PDF   Synchro Camp
PDF   Junior Beach Party

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