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Judging USFS Tests

A skaters performance. in USFS tests,  is judged against a set of standards for each level of tests
      Tests are judged on a subjective but absolute scale from 0.0 to 6.0 with increasing scores required to pass higher levels.  Judges determine if the performance meets a minimum standard, or passing average mark, for each component of a Moves in the Field test, or for the technical and presentation aspects of a free skate test. 

      The passing mark of each element on the test can be compared to a "C" mark in an academic course in school. This is also the minimum mark schools accept for students to participate in sports and extra curricular activities. This indicates the student has acquired 70% of the information presented. Or another way of expressing the it would be that the student did not acquire 30% of the material that will be used in the next grade. Sooner or later the information not acquired will prevent comprehending new material in courses based on information in which the student lacks the necessary foundation to learn new concepts.

      Not all elements of a skating test need to be at or above the minimum passing mark. However, in the opinion of the majority of a panel of three judges, the overall total for the test must reach or exceed the passing minimum total for the test. This allows elements to vary in quality, average out to a passing mark.

Passing a test at a minimum score does not mean that the skater does not need
to continue to work on correcting the deficiencies on the test while starting to
work on learning the elements on the next test level.

       For example, a Juvenile tests have a passing average of 3.0.  The Juvenile Moves test has four elements for a total passing mark of 12.0.  The free skate must total at least 6.0.  The entry level test in each discipline is marked Pass/Retry.  In all cases, judges can ask for a limited number of elements to be reskated if they think it could change a failing test into a passing one.  They can also include comments on what was done well or poorly and areas for continued improvement on passing elements or tests.

       Judges can ask the skater to perform up to two elements in a free skating, pair, or free dance test. Only one element can be reskated on a MITF test. On a three judge panel, a majority of two judges is required to pass a test.



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