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      It is only fair that athletes be evaluated by their positive and negative performances. In sports the technical skills, luck, and the abilitiess of opponents determine who wins and who loses. It is extremely important that the factors used in evaluating sporting performances be clearly stated and any changes in the rules anad regulatins be communicated to officials (referees, judges, etc.), coaches, skaters, parents, and spectators) prior to the start of each competitive season.

      Communication between coaches and sports officials should be part of the on going process of evaluating rules and regulations, especially if there are major changes to the rules and regulations that govern the sport and require extensive retraining and modifications of strategies used in training programs.

      It is desirable that local club/association officials and coaching staffs work together in formulating changes is rules. Prior to enforcing rule changes, events must be organized to facilitate communications so everyone can make training decisions based on the same information. Sometimes the Law of Unexpected Consequences result from the implementation of new rules and regulations.

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
      There are differences in the athletic rules of 50 individual states that govern public/private high school athletic departments competitive leagues transfer of students, when training for each sport can commence, academic eligibility for playing, offenses that require an athlete to be declared ineligible or suspended. Each state divides its leagues according to total school population to allow equability between teams for local leagues, division playoffs and state championships.  State/Province High School Association Links

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
       The NCAA also structures its competitive structure based on the size of the student body. For example, Divisions I, II, and III. 
College Conference Directory (By State)

National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and International Federations  PDF
The recognized sporting organizations in each country primary purpose is to assist in the development of athletes that will be selected to represent the USA in their respective international competitions, world championships, and Olympic summer and winter games.

Some coaches ask judges to critique their students in advance of testing and competing so that areas that need improvement can be identified and fixed.  This is generally performed three or more weeks in advance of tests and competitions.

      Unfortunately in some areas the judges are not available and must be brought in great distances especially for tests.  Even in areas where many judges reside, those who are not retired are busy with full-time jobs and are unavailable to come into the rink for early morning and daytime sessions except for tests, competitions, exhibitions, and shows when they must use vacation days or take unpaid time off from work.

Frequent comments we hear from judges

Frequent comments we hear from coaches

        Articles are in the process of being developed to facilitate communication between judges and coaches. There needs to be an agreeable understanding on the technical descriptions describing the minimum standard for passing each level of tests.


ISU Figure Skating Judging

The International Judging System (IJS)

IJS Judging Criteria


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