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Inferiority -
how it effects you

Have you every felt that another person is superior to you?
     Why would a successful and intelligent person, with lots of loving friends, feel they are not as worthy as other individuals?

     Are you fearful of meeting new people in new situations? Would you describe you feelings as trepidation? Do you feel that you are different?  Do you consider yourself as successful and equal to others in your field?

     Do you think that a single laugh is an act of scorn and people are whispering about you? If you do not feel worthy of being a part of a group, then you have feelings of being inferior.

Inferiority vs Inferiority Complex
       An inferiority complex is when the feelings of inferiority and inadequacy take over the person's life and prevent him/her from functioning normally.

     Childhood experiences of being smaller and physically weaker than the other kids the same age frequently as the basis for forming an inferiority complex.

     A child with a noticeable physical defect does not automatically develop inferiority complex unless he/she are treated differently by their peers and adults.

     Children who experience bullying also may experience physical abuse and routinely are singled out to be the target of activities that make fun of him/her and cause the feeling of being different and inadequate.

     The targets of their childhood abuse will continue to have feelings of inferiority continue to affect their adult life.

Inferiority and the Subconscious Mind
    The subconscious mind will retain the feelings of weakness into adult life by people who are generally considered successful. Labels, such as weak, inadequate, stupid and clumsy, are especially hurtful.

    Labels, such as weak, inadequate, stupid and clumsy,  are generally buried deep into the subconscious mind, but they are in control of our behavior and feelings.

    People who are successful adults may try to convince themselves that they are fine, but the subconscious mind needs more than  one proof to help stop the feeling of being inferior.

The Difference between Feelings of Inferiority and an Inferiority Complex
Feelings of inferiority are universal and serve as a positive motivating force. An inferiority complex is a relatively rare condition and tends to paralyze a person rather than motivating them.

      Inferiority feelings are first experienced during childhood and continue to emerge throughout adulthood. They will mostly occur when someone does better than you, criticizes you, shows authority over you, hurts you, or somehow gains an advantage over you. Inferiority feelings are normal and even can be beneficial if they result a compensating drive to improve yourself to avoid such negative feelings in future situations.

Inferiority, Compensation and Life Choices

     Some people form personal and business relationships based on their feelings of inferiority and the need to compensate for their weaknesses.

     Relationships can consist of two individuals who hold inferiority and superior positions. When this type of a relationship ends, it usually ends with considerable animosity and ill will.

Do you Feel Inferior?
      It is normal to occasionally feel inferior to someone, but when that feeling takes charges of a person's behavior and results in an emotional state that prevents normal life activities, then its a sign of an inferiority complex.    

      It is important to try to understand where have you acquired inferiority feelings in your life. Those feelings can be nothing more than a false belief you formed about yourself as a result of bad childhood experiences that you should examine and consider the environment and people who raised you.

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