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Increasing Confidence

Building Confidence
       Understanding what constitutes "Self Confidence" requires learning how a person's state of mind affects us as we deal with challenges in our life. People may wish that they never face difficult tasks, but if you are never challenged, how could you develop the confidence that allows you to rise to the occasion and become successful?

      Of course. you will not feel inferior if you never allow yourself to be challenged. However, like it or not, becoming self confident requires that you experience a variety of life problems, some which may not be entirely successful.

Becoming More Confident
      Each person begins to experience life challenges during their early growth stages in childhood that starts prior to entering kindergarten and continues throughout their life. Little children will experience an uncomfortable feeling when they are in new surroundings, especially when they encounter adults they do not recognize. Such an individual may be described as being "Shy" or a mommy or daddy's child that causes they to draw even more attention to them self.

      Exposure to different surroundings with unfamiliar adults and children allows a child to learn to tolerate and eventually become comfortable in various situations they encounter. There are no set rules or guidelines for acquiring and maintaining good relationships in school, church, social life, and a career/ work environment.

     It is not the type of challenge that makes a difference in acquiring self confidence. What matters is that you are prepared to accept the challenge and confront all of life challenges. In order to succeed, you must learn to believe in yourself.  If you constantly compare yourself to your more successful friends, the likely result in feeling you are inferior to them. This may not be a true assessment, but if your feelings of being inferior will shatter your confidence. Just try to do your best and do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others unless it is as a role model.

Some People Never Seem to Feel Confident in Themselves
      There are two options in confronting the challenges that cause the inferiority feelings:
  • Facing the problem(s) and attempt to overcome the obstacles,
  • The other choice is to take no action and accept the negative feelings about yourself!

      The difference between feeling inferior and having confident in yourself is the choice to risk fighting to overcome challenges to improving your life or running away from such challenges.

      Ask yourself how many dreams of achieving a specific goal have you had, and gave up on?

      Self confidence comes from inside yourself. It is not dependent on external factors!  However, the first time you achieve self confidence is the hardest. After that occurs, each succeeding time becomes easier.

      Don't become discouraged if you failed to overcome your first life challenge. It is very important to realize that most tasks can be broken down into smaller, more manageable challenges. Small successes provide internal self confidence that you acquire will provide a springboard to accept more difficult challenges.

      Individuals who were able to acquire this initial level of confidence as a youngster, can credit their parents for understanding the need to help their child develop self confidence, within their family environment, prior to entering kindergarten with additional sets of new obstacles and challenges. 

Steps to Becoming Confident in Life Situations
      Here are some suggestions of what to do in order to become confident in life:
  • Find out what is most important to you: Before you can build this initial confidence you first need to find out the important steps that need to be accomplished to be successful.
  • Prioritize and check off each step you have identified: You are probably thinking that it is easier said than done, but its your only realistic way to achieve goals. It is the desire to succeed that is essential to becoming more confident in life. Only you can assertively facing your life challenges.
  • Don't try to escape or evade challenges: Attempting to escape, ignoring your problems or deceiving yourself will only result in the loss of self confidence in a very short period of time.

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