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  Identifying & Treating
Sports Injuries

      Prevention is the preferred way to confront health and injury issues. However, in the real world health problems and accidental injuries do occur so everyone should be aware of how to recognize and act when emergencies do occur since there never is a really good time and place for the unexpected to happen.

First Aid
       First Aid is the temporary help administered before professional medical treatment arrives can be critical and can often saves a life. Anyone can be trained to administer first aid that can be provided with basic training in first aid skills.

      Accidents may vary from minor cuts, abrasions, bruises, sunburns, insect bites, and bloody noses that don't require a trip to an accident ward. When there are more serious injuries that require require a 911 call the on site first aid can be extremely important. There are basic first responder assistance that can make a world of difference before the emergency medical technician (EMT) arrives.

      There are procedures that can be in place that make a difference in what treatment can be authorized if a parent is not available. Having a signed authorization to treat the child and the medical insurance information should be carried by a legal guardian or provided by someone in charge of the athletic/school facility or group that organizes any outing/field trip.

      Whoever is dispatched to the emergency will need information about how the injury occurred. If the injury was a blow to the head, it is important if the individual lost consciousness and for how long. Was there any bleeding from the mouth or ears?

      If the injury is to an extremity (arm or leg), be ready to provide information about how the accident occurred and if there were any witnesses. If a fall was involved, did the individual seem to fall without any external cause or describe what the person was doing prior to the fall. 

      Health related problems may cause a person to pass out, feel ill, possibly throwing up, becoming disoriented, and/or incoherently answering questions.

      In an older person and the symptoms include chest pains or a radiating pain in the left arm, the may have experienced a heart attack or stroke.  appeared followed by a detailed observation if there was an immediate pain or discomfort that might be associated with a physical cause such as a fall. Note any swelling or discoloration around the source of the pain. Is there any lack of ability to move an extremity?

      All levels of athletes can expect to experience physical injuries from participating in recreational and competitive sport. Athletes, parents, and coaches should become familiar with the following different health and injury topics.

Wound Care - Source

Source -
Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation
Chest pain
Frost Bite
Gastric Problems
Head Trauma
Heart Attack
Heat Cramps
Heat Exhaustion
Heat Stroke
Nose Bleed
Puncture Wounds
Spinal Cord Injury

       If 911 is not called, urge the individual or in the case of a minor child, urge the parents of the importance of consulting a physician to perform prompt diagnoses and recommend a course of treatment that can preventing a more serious problem from developing.

The dreaded Advice - "Take time off and allow the injury time to heal"!    
      Many athletes are reluctant to take off time from training to participate in a profession rehabilitation plan.  Some athletes and even parents may elect to postpone surgery because the may not be able to complete that season.  This decision can have life altering consequences.
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First Aid - Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, emergency treatment or formal first-aid training.

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