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      There is a growing trend for new ice skating facilities to not be limited to offering just ice skating sports,  Investors have found that a facility catering to multiple indoor sports, with two or more year round ice surfaces, reduces risk exposure and provides greater revenue potential than a single surface ice rink.

      A single surface ice rink can generate considerable revenues from public sessions when it first opens. However, the long term viability involves filling "off peak times" with multiple month contracts from various ice skating disciplines. The demand for ice time peaks during the winter sports training and competitive season.

      The recreational skater does not frequent the rink as much as the competitive skaters. Ice skating disciplines tend to be much more intense during their training and the winter competitive season, followed by an off season. Some forms of figure skating have evolved into non Olympic events that hold their national and international competitions at different times of the year that do not coincide with the traditional world and Olympic winter sports seasonal championships.

Diversify and Open New Markets
      Expand marketing opportunities to non-ice skating sports and activities is a very important for every successful business. Management must "think outside the box or ice rink in this case" to develop a system of recruiting new athletes and strengthening efforts to retain these individuals throughout their school years (including college), while pursuing a career, raising a family, and eventually retiring.

      An eldercare, wellness, and fitness program of activities is a logical extension of providing recreational sports and related activities to retirees. This approach fully utilizes the investment in constructing a full service, all season, competitive and recreational sports complex. Such a diverse approach provides a path to maximize revenues and growth in an expanding economy, while protecting against periods of economic slowdowns and recessions.

      Often a child or parent will need internet access to do home work or job related assignments in breaks between activities and intervals between scheduled activities.  A distraction free environment should be provided with work spaces.  A separate food service area is a desirable feature for clients, parents, and visitors.

      Sports, recreation, and fitness centers operating on a 24 hour schedule provides an opportunity for an ideal companion service - a medical clinic offering 24 hour treatment for sports related injuries in addition to providing a full service treatment program dedicated to the preventative sports medicine and wellness issues.

      A skating facility can maximize its revenues by hosting hockey leagues, curling, speed skating, and figure skating clubs, plus recreational skating sessions and "Learn to Skate" group classes.

      Promotion of sports, fitness, and wellness should focus on marketing the facility to three main groups:
  • Competitiveness - Individuals who are looking to become part of the competitive aspect of the activity.
  • Educational - Individuals who are looking to either learn the sport for the first time or to further develop their skills.
  • Social - Individuals who are looking to meet new people, who share similar interests, in an athletic and social setting to expand  their circle of acquaintances.
Links to Sites Concerning Related Ice Sports Activities
  • Short Track Speed Skating
Long Track and Short Track: What's the Difference?  by Jerry Search, Southern California

Apolo Ohno Physics : Dot Physics
Feb. 17, 2010... I always gets me thinking about physics is short track speed skating. ... The radius of the actual track layout is exactly 8m radius.

The Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Short Track Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating
These arrangements bring the observer very close to the action. Given its layout , short track speed skating is an action packed sport ideally suited for the ...

Speed Skating
  • Hockey
Hockey and Curling on Same Ice

should then be conducted by the ice crew. Curling Markings/Layout. A standard community rink is approximately 85 feet wide and 185 feet long. A curling sheet ...
  • Curling
Curling Workbook

My - All the information on curling you need!
Oct. 8, 2005 ... The game of curling is played using carefully crafted stones thrown along a sheet of ice. The ice is carefully cleaned and pebbled

Starting a New Curling Club - The Curling School by CurlTech
The one thing they all have in common are sheets of ice for curling. ... Club Layout and Design. Designing a club is like designing a new house.

Layout 1 - Canadian Curling Association
PEBBLE A fine spray of water applied to a sheet of curling ice before play starts. It creates small bumps on the ice, making it easier for curling rocks to ...
  • Figure Skating
"Learn to Skate" group class programs - group classes, testing, and competitions

USFS Basic Skating Skills

United States Figure Skating Association clubs, tests, and competitions

The Sport of Figure Skating

Figure Skating Disciplines

USFS Programs

USFS Testing Process

The goal of each sports facility management team should be to develop a wide range of recreation and competitive programs that serves all ages of adults and children and abilities without a  gender bias. Activities can range widely from team sports, individual sports and fitness programs, theme & play specific activities to cultural enrichment augmented by a broad array of special events, including seasonal activities, community celebrations and other features for children, adults and families.  It would be highly desirable to form partnerships with community organizations, school boards, and park departments  help expand and broaden programs and activities offered to the community.

Gender Neutral Wellness and Fitness Programs
     The following activities and sports could be easily accommodated in sports complex that caters to multi generations in a family environment. A single facility that offers a spectrum of opportunities allows each individual in a family unit to participate in different activities without the necessity of multiple car trips to transport and pick up athletes with activities held at different locations.

Weight Training
& Personal Fitness
  • Weight Lifting
  • Flexibility
  • Tread Mill

  • Ballet,
  • Ballroom,
  • Modern,
  • tap/rhythm,
  • jazz,
  • Hip Hop,
  • Clogging,
  • Square Dancing,
  • Line Dancing.
Indoor Individual
Sports Activities
  • Gymnastics,
  • Cycling,
  • Track and Field,
  • Jumping Rope.
  • Marshal Arts
  • Boxing
Outdoor Individual
Sports Activities
  • Tennis,
  • Golf driving range and putting green,
  • Baseball batting cage,
  • Archery,
  • Badminton, 
  • Basketball,
  • Track & Field,
  • Jumping Rope,
  • Recreational games & activities.

Indoor Recreational
Team Sports
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics,
  • Basketball,
  • Floor hockey,
  • Eclipse ball,
  • Pickle ball,
  • Team hand ball,
  • Volleyball,
  • Jumping Rope,
  • Broomball,
  • Badminton.
Outdoor Recreational Team Sports
  • Softball,
  • Tag football,
  • Beach Volleyball,
  • Tennis,
  • Soccer,
  • Lacrosse,
  • Broomball,
  • Cycling,
  • Jumping Rope,
  • Ultimate Frisbee.

Design Considerations to Protect Spectators and Players

Ice & Inline Skating - Rethinking the Rink - Athletic Business  Trauma and Tragedy Have Spurred Changes in the Ice Arena Environment, ... one radius point (where the rink's side boards become rounded at the corner) around the back ... Instead, small clips connecting the top of one pane of glass to its ... Some compare the barrier to a brick wall.

A Comprehensive Look At Arena Dasher Board Systems  In addition, spectator seating, turn-around time, and maintenance .... This shorter dasher system acts as a visible barrier between the ice and dry floor .... the glass, lexan or acrylic clips are used at the top of the shielding to

Design Tips  An ice covering can be used to facilitate light activities on top of the ice, ... A cement floor for an NHL size ice rink will cost between $50,000 and ... The glass around the ice surface will also fog over, obstructing the view of the ... the cooling floor and is separated by insulation and a vapor barrier.

White Ice - Protective Netting - Puck Board & Glass  Arena Glass, Puck Board, Puck Control Netting Options ... i.e. breakage & stretch are based on use as all purpose barrier in typical applications.

Evaluating Arena Boards and Glass  The exact height of glass as measured from the ice surface to the top of the glass? ... the first rudimentary boards were erected around outdoor rinks. ..... hold in a moisture barrier.


The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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