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A web site for figure skaters of all ages involved in
Basic Skating Skills and USFS Figure Skating programs

     The journey to earn a gold test medal in figure skating usually begins with a beginner enrolling in a "Learn to Skate" group classe program offered by a local rink (ISI) or USFS skating club (Basis Skating Skills).  Every four years there is an influx of individuals of all ages that have been exposed to the sports of figure skating, ice hockey, and speed skating.

     The articles on this site cover a wide variety of topics that can help in understanding the world of recreational skating and topics related to specializing in the disciplines of
figure skating.

    In the pursuit of a gold test medal, skaters acquire essential skills that can  be successfully used in dealing with frequent challenges that arise in non-skating activities.

    Self  confidence, leadership, and communication skills provides skaters with practical lessons on how to manage time, prioritize objectives, deal with budget resources, handle frustrations,  and focus on attaining achievable, positive goals that transfer to many non-skating skills such as:

  • social interactions
  • public speaking
  • job interviews
  • admission to colleges and universities
  • pursuing career positions
  • marriage
  • parenting

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have our permission to use the documents and articles if you list our site as the source and are running or planning a USFS Basic Skating Skills Program or are sponsoring information/educational program of seminars/ workshops for your club members (skaters, parents, coaches, and judges).

Ice Skating Information & Resources

hosted by
San Diego Figure Skating Communications

A web site for figure skaters of all ages involved in
Basic Skating Skills and USFS Figure Skating programs

The information on this site is provided to support skater's efforts to
achieve their full potential in the pursuit of his/her skating goals, and to transfer
those skills to their future education, career, and other life activities.

    Information is an important tool that provides a basis for the articles being developed. The goal is to help facilitate communications between judges and coaches that provides the technical descriptions  coaches use in their teaching and for judges the basis they use to arrive at the minimum standard for passing each level of tests.

  Comments and suggestions are welcomed so a balance of different perspectives can be achieved. Input from coaches and judges will help to achieve a consensus. We hope our efforts will result in skaters who are well prepared to test and receive a uniform evaluation by judges from rink to rink.

San Diego Figure Skating Communications (SDFSC) goal is to provide information
that encourages participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.
Articles are continiously under development to serve as reading/reference
materials for seminars with an audience of skaters, parents, coaches, and judges.

Suggestions and comments from rink management, coaches,
     choreographers, judges, skaters, and parents are welcomed. 

San Diego Figure Skating Communications