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      Each December the San Diego Ice Arena ISI group class skaters and the San Diego FSC members participate in an annual SDIA Annual Christmas Show.

    The show has three performances on a Saturday in early December. The rink has invested in a special curtain that provides a backdrop for the Zamboni end of the rink and extends around the side that is opposite the bleacher seating for about 2500 guests.

    Spot lights make the show a professional experience for the skaters and the audience. Each of the three shows are video taped and sold as DVDs by a professional video company that also shoots most of the competitions in Southern California.

   The following acts give you an idea of the scope of the production -

The 16th Annual Christmas on Ice Show
held at the San Diego Ice Arena December 8th, 2007

These links are to PDF files -

3:30 pm Performance
    Acts First Half of the Show

The Patriots Flag Number
California Dreamers
Hip Hop Santa
The Hip Hoppers
Santa in a Tutu
The Charlie Brown Dancers
Janice Kwok
Senior Youth Shining Blades
Elyse Cornette
The Spanish Stylists
Kassy Kova and Justin Ross
The Blue Bells
Ashlynne Ragasa
Santa Claus Express


3:30 pm Performance
   Acts Second Half of the Show

End of 3:30 pm performance

Noon Performance
   Acts not in 3:30 pm performance

Brittany Smith
A Little Latin
Jackie Dotterich
Erica Perry & Justin Schumann
The Rockin Californians


Special Athletes
Junior Youth Shining Blades
Mai Takigushi
The Mini Mickeys
Kimberly Baer
Oliver Asbury
The Rockin Californians

End of noon performance

7:00 pm Performance
    Acts not in 3:30 pm performance
Southwest Style Santa
Shandra Eastman
Hayley SooHoo & Brett Ryan


Youth Shinning Blades
Rosalie Chen
Ada Chinda
George Jeng
The Rockin Californians
Intermediate Team del Sol

End of 7:00 pm performance

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Photos by
Fedelin Punsalan
Claude Sweet
John Hurd, Hurd Video Productions

DVDs Orders for the Show
Hurd Video Productions
P.O. Box 946
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
(949) 858-9090.


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