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Ice Rink & USFS Club List

     The following information is organized by states and is a compilation of sources, including United States Figure Skating Association, Ice Skating Institute, and Serving The American Rinks (STAR) which is a membership organization for rink owners, operators, and vendors.

     Comments on the group class program offered by ice rinks -  Ice rink Management Summary

     The roles of ISI and USFS Basic Skills programs

     The following chart provides access to information on individual states.  It is our goal to provide information for each state that includes a list by city that provides the following details:
  • Ice surface size and number
  • Indoor enclosed, outdoor with roof, outdoor
  • Year round, months of operation, seasonal
  • Amenities
      Unfortunately many rinks do not have web sites. Those with web sites frequently lack detailed information about the facility's amenities - size and number of ice surface(s), parent viewing areas, spectator seating, wet or dry locker rooms, dressing rooms, exercise/warm-up areas, food service, sports shop, community rooms, and if the facility is open all year or on a seasonal basis, etc.

     A listing of clubs is provided with their principal headquarters if that information has been sent to the USFS designating a specific rink; however, some clubs have not filed the form with the USFS. It some cases a rink previously listed as their principal headquarters has been used to determine the club's home city.

     Additional rinks, where a club conducts activities, are listed as satellites. This means the organization of tests and hosting competitions, at these rinks, is under the charter of the primary USFS club.

     Due to our limited resources we are unable to annually update the information relating to contact people for USFS Clubs. We suggest that you use the USFS web site's Find a Club/Program feature to locate the most current information available.  USFS members may order a printed copy of the 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook, Tests Book and/or Directory. Print PDF order form. For an electronic version of the directory, please visit the site USFS Members Only.  

     Corrections will be made for any club who contacts the webmaster with updated information.

                       List of Ice Rinks and USFS Clubs
States with yellow backgrounds have been completed
Note: The web link for rinks and skating clubs is the result multiple searches.
Please accept our apologies as there are still missing links.

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts Nebraska South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nevada Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana New Hampshire Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Jersey Rhode Island Wisconsin
 Georgia Maryland New Mexico South Carolina Wyoming

Washington, DC

Note: Outdoor skating rinks may be natural or refrigerated surfaces. Both types of rinks are subject to weather which makes the ice conditions and availability of ice to be seasonal except for a few rinks in resorts such as Sun Valley, Idaho.  There are some rinks that are covered, but not enclosed, that are also seasonal. For more information refer to History of Ice Skating Facilities.

    At the present time, the list of USFS Basic Skating Skills programs must be accessed directly from the USFS Basic Skating Skills Club List.

    For information about which rinks have Ice Skating Institute programs consult ISI Rink List of 16 ISI administrative areas.  

In Dec. 2010, there were more than 60 colleges and universities that offer some type of a skating program.
       Future revisions will add information about about which organization(s) sponsors group class lessons and competition programs at specific rink sites.

    For information about which rinks have Speed Skating programs consult US Speed Skating.
    For information about which rinks have hockey programs consult USA Hockey.
    For information about which rinks have curling programs consult USA Curling.

  1. Park and Recreation owned and operated community rinks
  2. Church Owned and Operated Community Centers
  3. Private Membership Skating Clubs
  4. Privately Owned Rinks Open to Public
  1. Market Analysis Summary
  2. Amenities and Services
  3. Naming Rights
  4. Strategy and Implementation Summary
  5. School and Community Programs & Activities
  6. Charter Schools     High School of the Arts
  7. Competitive & Recreation Athletes Health & Wellness Services
  8. Management Summary
  9. Job Descriptions
  10. Financial Plan
  11. Ice Rink Executive Summary

The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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