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Compulsory Ice Dance Patterns

       The USA and Canada have established the Preliminary through Bronze dances to encourage the development of entry level dancers. The ISU dance structure starts with the Pre-silvers and runs through the International dances.  Source USFS Rulebook

       Skaters may test as a standard, adult or masters level with a partner. Some skaters may also elect to take tests under the solo track that does not require skating with a partner.

       Competitive skaters entering qualifying dance competitions must pass the standard level tests. Adult skaters may enter adult events having passed the dances at the adult level.

Preliminary Dances
Silver Dances
Pre-Bronze Dances Pre-Gold Dances
Bronze Dances Gold Dances
Pre-Silver Dances
International Dances



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Ice Dancing General Rules and Regulations
         Dancing On Ice
         Dance Steps & Turns
         Ice Dance Patterns
Dance Curriculum
         Ice Dance Partnered Events
         Free Dancing
         Competitive Ice Dancing
PDF Strategies for Compulsory Dance Tests
         Free Dance Test Considerations
         Short Dance & Free Dance Events
         Pattern Dance Events   
         Solo Dance Events 
PDF Solo Dance Events
         Solo Dance Competitions

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