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Hockey Programs

    The Ice Skating Institute has developed a comprehensive program of group class instruction and recreational figure skating competitions, hockey leagues, and speed skating meets.

    The group class program feeds new figure skaters into their recreational program of badges and competitions. The in-house hockey and traveling teams also benefit by the new students who have acquired their basic skating skills from the group class program.

ISI Hockey

ISI Skating Badge Requirements

Pre-Alpha ISI Ice Skating Test Alpha ISI Ice Skating Test
Beta ISI Ice Skating Test
  • Backward Stroking 
  • Backward Crossovers In Both the Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Directions (backward cutbacks are not permitted)
  • Right and Left T-Stops
Gamma ISI Ice Skating Test Delta ISI Ice Skating Test

    ISI Hockey Program

    ISI group classes emphasize the most important component of hockey-skating.

    Each participant will learn the fundamentals of forward and backward  skating, gliding, stopping, inside/outside edges and crossovers.

    Youth classes are for skaters 17 yrs & under. Adult classes are for skaters 18 and over.

Full Equipment Class/Practice/Game Time
Hockey Tots  No 30 minute Class
Hockey 1 & 2  No 30 minute Class
Hockey 3 Yes 30 minute Class

In House Leagues

30 minute

1 hour
Game Day
Travel Teams Yes Travel Time

1 hour
Game Day

YOUTH HOCKEY 101: Beginners to Intermediate (ISI Hockey Levels 1-6)

    This 7 to 8 week program focuses on the skating skills used for hockey. Skaters will learn a variety of skills ranging from forward skating to backward skating on one and two feet, stick handling, and game instruction. Includes 2 FREE Stick-n-Puck passes.
  • For: Ages 4-16
  • Fees:
    Levels 1-3: $63 (7wks)/ $72 (8 wks) - current ISI member
    Levels 4-6: $105 (7 wks)/ $120 (8 wks) - current ISI member
  • ISI Membership is required. **Youth (ages 17 and under) $18.00 additional if you are not a current ISI member. Memberships are good from Sept. 1, to Aug. 31 of the next year and are only effective for Hockey 101 or LTS classes. Players that move into the PCMH program will be required to join USA Hockey at the time they are accepted into the PCMH league.
  • Equipment: Full Gear Required (see requirements below)
    Hockey Skates & Regulation Hockey Stick is NOT Required for Class Levels 1 & 2
  • Rental Gear: Gear packages are available for new students only and may be rented for one session. ALL GEAR MUST BE RETURNED ON THE LAST DAY OF CLASS. If a player chooses to utilize our rental equipment the cost for the entire package is about $50.00 per session with a $50.00 refundable deposit if all the equipment is returned in good condition. This includes the cost of cleaning. Gear quantities are limited and therefore will be distributed on a first come first served basis.
The package includes all gear with the exception of: Supporter with cup/or pelvic protector, Internal mouth guard, full coverage throat protector/neck guard, hockey skates & hockey stick.
                      Rental skates are usually available at no extra charge for levels 1 & 2

Rates may vary according to geographic region:

Class Length (10 week series) Tuition Single Class
In-House League
$300.00 $25.00
60 Minute Class
$200.00 $25.00
30 Minute Classes
$135.00 $17.50
ISI Registration (annual membership fee for all participants of classes and In-House Hockey) $18.00

What is a House Hockey League?

    House youth athletic programs provides each child with an opportunity to play this sport at many different competitive levels. In hockey, a house program is typically for those athletes that choose to play the sport at a recreational level.

    The House Level is the least expensive level of play. The House Hockey is organized to play as part of a league. All teams will be assigned a volunteer Head Coach, volunteer Assistant Coach and team manager as assigned by the Head Coach. All volunteers must pass a USA Hockey background check and be able to secure a CEP coaches card for the level being coached.

   All games will be officiated by USA Hockey registered Officials. If your child has already been a part of a Hockey 101 program, they may be ready for this level of play.

Hockey Divisions

Adult Hockey

Generally three divisions of ice hockey are available for players 18 & Older.

Seasons vary for each division according to number of players/teams enrolled in the season. Each season the players are guaranteed a specific number of games - usually 10 per season with one play-off per season; Most leagues reserve the right to limit season length, player participation, and games schedule at any time. 

Overview of the three Divisions

MASTERS DIVISION : Co-Ed, Ages 30 & over

PLATINUM (GOLD/SILVER) DIVISION: Intermediate to Advanced players, Fast-Paced, Co-Ed, Recreational. Generally the approval of the Hockey Director is required to join.

BRONZE DIVISION: Beginner level, Co-Ed

Youth Hockey

Youth Hockey is usually a 14-Week  Season – Some Holidays there are no games or practices.

Overview of Youth Hockey:
1 practice, 1 game each week – Games usually on Saturday or Sunday mornings, Practice is in the evenings during the week.

1 Playoff Game to close each season of play.

MVP picked for each game, on each team.

Some Hockey Gear may be available for Rent and use during season.

Goalies: usually limited spots available

Skating School Hockey Classes

    These classes are part of the rink's Skating School. They are usually held once a week for thirty minutes and includes use of gear for the class and a ‘practice’ card for the students. It is highly recommend that non-skaters and those who have some skating experience, but have not previously played ice hockey enroll in the group hockey class program.

Hockey Group Classes

Tots : Ages 3-5
Skating 1-5 : Ages 6-15
Hockey Skills 1-5 : Ages 6-15
Hockey Power Skating Class: Based on hockey director evaluation and acceptance.



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