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What is the difference between ISI and USFS Basic Skating Skills competitions?
       Both the ISI and Basic Skills Program are designed to provide a fun environment in which to learn to skate. There are some minor differences of the order in which specific skating skills are taught, but that is just a minor difference in the scheme of things.

       The ISI program has six levels for beginners prior to progressing to free skating classes:
  • Tots
  • Pre-Alpha
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Delta
       The Basic Skills program has nine levels for beginners prior to progressing to free skating classes:
  • Snowplow Sam
  • Basic 1
  • Basic 2
  • Basic 3
  • Basic 4
  • Basic 5
  • Basic 6
  • Basic 7
  • Basic 8
       There are required elements in both ISI and USFS Basic Skating Skills badges and competition events. Both types of competitions contain events that are performed from one third to half ice and without music. These events allow beginning skaters to be involved without the expense of choreographing a program to music and cutting a CD.

       Skaters, parents, and coaches must read the competition announcements to be sure that all of the required elements and no prohibited elements are included. Failure to follow the rules results in avoidable deduction taken by the judges that will affect the skater’s placement.

       The cost of joining both organizations is minimal so skaters can enter both types of competitions, which are held throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada at different times of the year. Check the 2009 Skating Calendar for approximate dates and then confirm by visiting each clubs website for an announcement of the competition and its dates. Also an application to enter the competition should also be available to download starting about three months before the competition.

        Basic Skills/ISI competitions may be held in conjunction with various USFS Open Competitions that are host by the local USFS club. This helps to reduce travel expenses for families with two skaters at different skill levels. It also makes it more convenient for coaches who may attend the competitions to put their skaters on the ice.

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