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Basic Skills Programs
Skating Programs for Beginners
Both the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and the United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) have developed learn to skate group class structures that embody the concept of making the process fun for the participants. The concept is to verify the skater's progress in acquiring skating skills by testing and awarding badges. These badges allow skaters to enter ISI and USFS Basic Skills competitions at their badge level.

     ISI and USFS Basic Skills instructors are trained by their respective organizations.  Test and competitive judges also must be certified by their respective organizations. Official USFS judges may be used in Basic Skills to test and judge competitions.

     ISI competitions allows skaters to enter their national championships without participating in a qualifying structure of regional and sectional competitions.

     Basic Skills does not offer a national basic skills championship. However, some states have organized their basic skills competitions in a fashion of a state grand prex with a state championship.

     There also is a state program held annually by sponsoring state organizations and national biennial State Games program.

     Both the ISI and Basic Skills programs require instructors to have background checks, carry liability insurance, and be rated by the ISI for ISI activities and the Professional Skating Association for the USFS coaches.

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