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Ice Rink Food Service
       The food service in ice rinks can range from vending machines to a full compliment of a food court and full service sit down dinning.

       The rink's skating clubs, associations, or leagues will host games, meets, tests, competitions, shows, and ice carnivals that require feeding the volunteers that make these events possible.

       The food preparation area does not have to be a professional commercial food preparation and service setup, but it should be at least equal to a kitchen in an average home that entertains frequent large parties. Suggested equipment includes:

  • Range with a minimum of 4 large burners
  • Oven with a cleaning cycle
  • Microwave oven
  • Large Refrigerator
  • Large Freezer
  • Commercial toaster
  • Large dual sink
  • Large prep table
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • Warming/holding table
  • Cold holding table
  • Assortment of pots and pans
  • Eating utensils and plates, bowls, glasses, coffee cups, etc.

Commercial Kitchen
       Good commercial kitchen design is important as no employee wants to work in an unorganized kitchen area where they are certain to get in each others way. A system of work stations and traffic is vital to avoid accidents as people move between refrigerated food storage, food preparation, cooking, food holding/service tables. 

       Every food preparation area must stress surfaces that are easy to keep clean. A large sink and automatic dish washer for  utensils, and large sink area for hand washing pots, pans, etc. must be provided with an area for trash, dirty dishes, and utensils to be returned.

       A one way access to the hot and cold food and the sit down tables must be apparent to consumers. A separate area for beverages should be provided to avoid congestion in the food service line.

       A full service recreation/training facility should incorporate a food service court, sit down restaurant, wine and beer, and liquor license plus banquet, wedding, and meeting rooms as the revenue stream can be an important factor in the overall profitability of the project. Various licenses and inspections are part of the process of the business of preparing and serving food commercially to the public.

How to Design a Commercial Kitchen Free |
       June 10, 2010 ... With a little thought and preparation, commercial kitchen designs ... Design one area for food preparation, another for refrigeration and ...

       Commercial food preparation equipment is expensive. Employees must learn about the best way to take care of it. That includes the safe operation, cleaning and light maintenance. Each piece of commercial food preparation equipment should have its own designated storage area.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Restaurant Design
       By: Andrews Alzberg | - In any successful restaurant, the furniture and overall restaurant design are features just as important as the food served to the customers. Nobody wants to eat in a restaurant that does not feel friendly and well looked after, no matter how good the food is. It is therefore a very important decision when you are choosing your restaurant's design, because it can be the key to attracting customers and making sure they have a pleasurable experience with you.

Commercial Kitchen Design - It's More Complicated Than Your Home Kitchen
       By: Derek Farley | - When you are starting to design a kitchen that will be used for commercial purposes, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. A commercial kitchen is a lot more complex than the one in your own home, and there are many needs that have to be met. These needs not only include style and function, but also requirements from your local city and state departments. So before you start sketching out designs, there are a few things you are going to need to do.

Commercial Kitchen Design Installation
       By: Daren Paul Burbridge | - Commercial kitchens are used in most cooking businesses and restaurants. Commercial kitchen designs can vary in many different ways and offer restaurants the drive they need. Your kitchen should be designed carefully and efficiently in order to run a great cooking business. Some kitchen designs are not set up accordingly and causes the business to fail. Installment must be effective and competent. This allows chefs or workers to work faster, more efficiently and cost effective.

Quality Commercial Kitchen Design
       By: Andrews Alzberg | - When it comes to preparing food, it is important that your workplace is clean and tidy to provide employees with a less stressful environment so they can produce quality food for customers. Maintaining standards helps build a professional reputation that will leave customers wanting to come back for more.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Kitchen Supplies
For design and consultation, contact our NAFEM certified food service consultants at 800-555-0666 option 3 for advice or a full commercial kitchen design.

Food Preparation Equipment, Commercial Food Preparation ...
Stainless, open frame design saves valuable floor space and cleaning time ... Hobart carries a variety of specialty items for your food preparation needs.

InformeDesign: RS_Detail:Adequate Lighting for Commercial Food ...
Design Issue spacer. This study measured the light intensity levels in walk-in coolers and on food preparation surfaces in food service operations.

Restaurant Equipment ] American Range Commercial Restaurant ...
Design, Function and Form in Heavy Duty Commercial and Industrial Ranges, Food Service and Food Preparation Restaurant Equipment.

Food Preparation - Commercial
Food Preparation - Commercial. Manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of ... Food Equipment: MBM Domina 700 & 900 Series: Clean Lines, Modular Design

Food Industries Construction and Services - Arco Inc
Ability to perform complete design build projects for ... View our site map to find your commercial food service equipment faster. ... Food Preparation Anything you need for food preparation including, scales,


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