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High School Team
Skating Events

    Members of a High School Club may skate as teams consisting of individual events
   that award points for placements in each event and a combined overall winning team

      Marquette Figure Skating Club hosts the Ron Carlson Marquette International Open non-qualifying competition. Various events are offered such as; Freestyle, Compulsory/Short Program, Artistic, Artistic Recall, Spins, and Solo Dance. Basic Skills skaters - Basic 1 through Basic 8 - may skate in compulsory and free skating events. Skaters are placed into groups of no more than 8 skaters to a group and are grouped by skill levels and age.

      Two competitive tracks are available to skaters - the New Competitive Test Track and Well Balanced Free Skating Track. The Competitive Test Track aligns testing requirements with competition levels.

Midland Area High School Figure Skating Team
      The Midland Area High School Figure Skating Team recently opened their sixth competition season. We are fielding an A, B and C team this year, and the team is coached by Teri Haag.

      The Michigan High School Skating conference is made up of 60 schools throughout the state of Michigan and is divided into districts. The team competes in District 5 and trains at the Midland Figure Skating Club.


Note: the Michigan High School Skating Series which was introduced in 1999. The Series started in 1999 with 10 teams and just a single competition, but has grown to 50 teams and 16 competitions.

High school figure skaters in Michigan compete in five districts, each composed of six to 12 teams. Each school may field any or all of A, B, and C level teams, which compete separately. The A teams perform the most difficult elements, with C teams having the least difficult elements. Teams participate in three initial round competitions within their own district, and then the victors from each district meet in at the state championship.

The initial round competitions in each district are team compulsory competitions. At these competitions, there are three events at each level - a jumps event, a spins event, and a moves event.

A club team skaters can still earn their varsity letters. There isn't a Michigan High School Athlete Association (MHSAA) championship in the sport of figure skating.

      Marquette Figure Skating Club in conjunction with the Marquette Senior High School Figure Skating Club hosts the U.P. of Michigan High School Figure Skating Competition Series on Sunday morning of the Ron Carlson Marquette International Open in February. This is a 2-part competition series with Houghton High School and the Copper Country Skating Academy hosting the other half in November. A High School Team may participate in 1 or both competitions.

Sample High School Team Figure Skating Team Figure Skating Championships Announcement
Sanctioned by the United States Figure Skating Association
Hosted by a USFS Club

Teams may submit entries prior to receiving your approval from the host organization (see rule 2 below).

Announcement Rules:
  1. This competition is a Special Competition, as defined in rule 1040 of the Official US Figure Skating Rulebook. As such, this Announcement will take precedence when there is a conflict with US Figure Skating Competition Rules or Skating Standard Regulations.
  2. Eligible persons who are members in good standing of a High School Affiliated Club (HSAC) of the US Figure Skating may compete. High School Club membership must be renewed annually. NOTE: A HSAC application should also be available to download at the competition web site.
  3. All skaters must be members in good standing of US Figure Skating.
  4. Competitors must currently be enrolled in and attend as full time students the public or private high school (or feeder school – see Rule 5) they represent or be home schooled and live in (insert state name). Competitors may not represent more than ONE high school team.
  5. Teams must consist of at least two competitors from a HSAC. High school teams may recruit 5th – 8th grade students of the feeder school(s) to that high school. (Written documentation of the feeder relationship must be included with the application.) For example, a team may consist of one high school student and multiple middle/junior high school members.
  6. The competition chair will make final approval of a team’s membership.
  7. Team members may include both ladies and men.
  8. Competitors may skate up one free skate test level in any event.
  9. There will be no age limit on any event except Juvenile.
  10. There is a limit of three individual/team events per skater.
  11. During the competition, team members or their team advisor may be at the boards but private coaches are not permitted rink site/at the boards.
  12. For Free Skate events only, a competitor who won the event in the prior year may not compete at the same level (excepting senior).
Entry skill levels: are determined by the USFS free skating test level as of entry date on the competition announcement.

Entry Fees: A check for the team's entry must be attached to the registration form with a list of all skaters who will b representing the school. The form must be signed by the appropriate school official.

Refunds: After the close of registration, there will be absolutely no refunds except for death in the immediate family.

Music: CD’s only. Bring two. Mark with the skater’s name and event. All CD’s must be turned in at registration.

Schedule: Competition schedules will be e-mailed and posted as soon as possible after the deadline. To receive a schedule you must provide your email address. Schedules will also be posted on the host club web site:

Admission: No admission will be charged for spectators.

Final Rounds: All events are final rounds.

Judging: The 6.0 judging system will be used for all events.

Scoring: Individual team members acquire points accumulated to determine team placements. Points to be awarded are:
  • 6 points for 1st
  • 5 points for 2nd
  • 4 points for 3rd
  • 3 points for 4th
  • 2 points for 5th
  • 1 point for 6th.
     Points earned are reduced to the number of skaters/teams entered if less than six skaters or teams compete in an event. Tied placements earn full points for that placement.

  1. Individual medals will be awarded to skaters for 1st through 6th place in each event.

  2. Plaques will be awarded to the 1st place team in each type of event (free skating, short program/compulsory moves, artistic showcase, spins, and maneuver team).
  3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded to the teams with the most accumulated points for all events combined.

  4. Team Spirit Award will go to the team receiving the most votes from the judges.

Practice Ice: Practice ice may be available at Thornton Park Ice Arena the mornings of the      events. A practice ice schedule, if available, will be posted with the schedule.

Videos/Photos: Events will be professionally videotaping and taking action shots at the championship.

NOTE: The team contact and the High School Affiliated Club (HSAC) must fill out the actual application. No individual applications will be accepted. The Competition Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries, eliminate events due to insufficient entries, and combine or divide groups as necessary.                                               

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