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Competitive and Recreational Health and Wellness Programs for Athletic Programs
       Prevention of physical injuries involves the evaluation of specific athletic activities. The goal is to educate athletes of what constitutes a healthy training environment and how this transfers into a lifestyle.

    Promoting Better Health through Physical Activity and Sports.  Fitness and Amateur Sport

       Club sports at a college or university are different from competitive varsity level sports funded by the university.
  • Eastern Washington University  Club Sports
    CSF teams are organized and managed by students. They range from competitive to recreational to instructional and are funded by ASEWU, club fundraisers, and membership dues. Clubs compete against other university club teams mainly in the Northwest. Varsity athletic sports are housed in the Athletic Department and compete in NCAA competition with scholarship athletes.

  • Club Sport Federation (CSF) groups are for students who want to compete or train in a certain sport while possibly representing EWU in club level competitions. CSF teams select their own student officers and the membership of each club has a stake in all decisions made concerning the club. CSF teams practice during the week and play most of their games on weekends. Intramural Sports  (I.M.) consist of EWU students, faculty and staff that compete against each other in organized leagues and tournaments within the campus on a more recreational level

  • Athletics/Recreation | Delaware County Community College
    Allied Health, Emergency Services and Nursing.  A range of sports programs at all levels - from recreation, club sports, and intermural to competitive intercollegiate athletics.

Eligibility to participate in intercollegiate sports

    • Complete a physical examination prior to the season
    • You must have health insurance
    • You must be a full time student carrying a minimum of 12 credits
    • If you are a part time students carrying 6 credits, you may participate if you completed at least 30 credits at Delaware County Community College
    • If you are a transfer student, you must have completed at least 9 credits in your last full time semester of attendance with a 1.75 GPA or better (as of Fall 2010)
    • You must meet the following minimum academic requirements:
Student athletes must meet the following minimum academic requirements:

Total Credit Hours GPA
0-8 No GPA
9-19 1.75
20-29 1.8
30-39 2.0

The usually procedure to start a club is for a student, faculty or staff member at a
college or university to apply to the
coordinator of Club Sports.  A check will be under- taken to make sure that the proposed club meets all the guidelines, set by the Depart-
ment of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, to become recognized as a club.

Community Fitness and Wellness Programs

       A community developed fitness and wellness program goes beyond health care considerations provided for competitive athletes at high school and universities. Services for community residents typically would include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Annual Flu Shots
  • Health Screenings
  • Fitness Assessment   
  • Individualized Health Coaching
  • Wellness Management & Staffing
  • Customized Wellness Programming 
  • Health Education Seminars
  • Health Promotion Activities
  • Fitness Center Management & Staffing
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Lifestyle Management Courses 
    • Weight Management
    • Stress Management
    • Cholesterol Management
    • Blood Pressure Management
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition

       A major social problem is the sedentary life style of elementary school age children that eventually leads to poor eating habits, causes obesity. and contributes to the onset of Type II diabetes.

       Programs of physical education have been traditionally under funded in elementary schools which needs to equate physical health of students as important as improving gains in reading and math skills.

    Parity or equality is mandated by Federal Title IX between male and female athletes in sports.

       Physical workouts consist of a wide range of stresses to an athlete's body. The intensity of workouts occur under different conditions, however, the injuries occur are common and have resulted lots of research producing therapy that is designed to improve physical strength, range of motion, daily living  activities and functional ability.

       It is very important to have physical trainers who have the proper training and expertise to strengthen specific muscle groups that are relevant to individual sports. The same caveat holds true for developing endurance and flexibility programs.

       The identification and treatment of injuries occurs with the immediate coach and sports medicine team. They must take immediate action to prevent the athlete from allowing a minor injury to become a serious, urgent, or chronic medical program.

       Specialists start by compelling a comprehensive evaluation that allows the physical therapist to develop a personalized treatment program for each individual according to the nature and seriousness of the injury and the age of the patient.

College and Universities provide a unified approach to competitive and recreational sports.

The following links serve as a model for public schools and community approaches:
  • Brochure - Recreational Sports  University of South California Rec Sports wants to be your Wellness Center in collaboration with other departments and offices on campus, Rec Sports ... awareness of the various health related programs and services ... become involved in a competitive sports program.

  • Southern Polytechnic: Recreational Sports  Intramural sports offers many team and individual competitive programs at Southern Polytechnic. A comprehensive program of recreational activities is provided that includes club and intramural sports, health and wellness activities, and outdoor recreation. These programs are designed so that students of all fitness levels can participate in activities that are fun and rewarding.
  • Resource Guide 2010-11  Cal Rec Club (CRC) offers recreational sports privileges to UC students, alumni, faculty and staff, and adult community members, with discounts available for UC spouses and domestic partners. Members have access to all recreational facilities (RSF, SCRA, GBRC, Hearst Gym, Edwards Track) during open recreation hours, receive free towel services (at RSF and Hearst only), complimentary day lockers (based on availability), and can participate in Intramural and Sport Club activities. Group exercise classes are free to all CRC members. The membership fee for Cal students is $10/semester.

  • Intramural Sports - Recreational Sports | New Mexico State University Health & Wellness Have a question about Health and Wellness or the Aggie Fit Program? ... Intramural sports offers competitive and fun individual, dual and team sports.
  • UCLA Recreational Sports: Explore UCLA Recreation  UCLA Recreation offers a wide range of recreational activities and services. The department offers programming that encompasses the competitive, passive, social, cultural and instructional aspects of recreational activity. Students, faculty, staff and eligible alumni affiliates — and their family members — have access to UCLA Recreation. The UCLA Recreation FITWELL Program promotes wellness on campus.
  • Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin - Student Services  The goals of the Adapted Recreation program are: to introduce students to lifelong wellness programs in also include highly competitive, instructional, and/or recreational sports activities. Temple University is a proud member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • UC Davis General Catalog | Recreation
    Nov. 17, 2010 ... Campus Recreation's Competitive Sports program provides the students, ... to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sports on campus. ... Outdoor Adventurers also offers health care training classes.  The UC Davis Department of Campus Recreation provides many healthy activities and programs including social, physical, creative, intellectual and cultural activities to offset the stresses associated with a rigorous academic environment. These programs complement the academic mission of the university and enhance the quality of life for the campus.
  • Midwestern State University Recreational Sports - Student Affairs
    Welcome to the MSU Recreational Sports and Wellness Center Webpage ... Bruce & Graciela Redwine Student Wellness Center and Vinson Health Center. We offer a variety of competitive sporting events including, Archery, ... The Wellness Programs link provides information about all of our fitness classes.
  • Trends in Collegiate Recreational Sports Facilities
    The modern trend in the construction and design of recreational sports facilities began in 1928.  The Intramural Sports Building on the campus of the University of Michigan set the stage as a facility that was dedicated solely to recreational sports. World War II and into the 1960s, social and cultural influences in the 1970s significantly shaped the landscape for recreational sports on college campuses.

The following internet links have been gleaned from personal communications
combined with information from public institutions and athletic organizations/
associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

Health, Fitness, & Wellness Services
Fitness Training Plans
Fitness Exercises
Fitness Components For All Ages
Exercising Programs
Firehouse Fitness
Benefits of General Physical Preparedness
Fitness for Sports & Life Activities
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