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Health & Injury Concerns

Proactive verses Reactive Decisions
It is always better and cheaper to be aware of what common health and injury issues normally can confront a child, adolescent, or adult involved in a sedentary life compared to a variety of recreational activities and sports. For those who do not participate in physical activities, there is an increased possibility of health issues, accidents and injuries that can impact career goals.

       To insure that the necessary steps are taken to provide prompt and appropriate care, athletes, coaches, and parents need to be aware of potential health and injuries that can occur in practices and competitions.
       The following articles can provide valuable information -
The mission of U.S. Figure Skating is to provide programs to encourage
participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.

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Fitness Tips | Warren Martin Fitness You can be proactive or reactive in your choices with health. ... Society is all about reactive decisions which places a person into a lower quality .... What this doesn't take onto account is the total health care costs that were included through out your life and what the cost would have been if a proactive approach had been implemented.

Proactive Vs. Reactive Healthcare - Chicago Spine and Joint Care June 22, 2011 ... There are two ways to view healthcare, reactive and proactive. Reactivehealthcare is what we traditionally think of as healthcare in this country.

Be proactive about your health and fitness March 2, 2012 ... Be proactive about your health and fitness ... Health care would look different. Corporate wellness would ... It is your decision to make. Once you ... If you need to be reactive, I urge you to make a decision as well.

PDF Lesson 6 Setting Health Goals and Making Responsible choices  In this lesson, you will learn steps to take to make a healthful behavior into a habit. What You'll ... reactive decision making style. • proactive .... Access to health care Increase the proportion of .... You can develop a proactive decision- making style.

PDF Goal-Setting and Decision-Making In reaching the desired goal. R- Realistic .... A reactive-decision maker is someone who allows peers, siblings, parents, etc. to make the decision for themselves.

Implications of Proactive and Reactive Thinking thinkers make Proactive and reactive thinking are both necessary to successful relationships and successful management. Sports teams are taught how to react based upon proactive thinking. Proactive decisions should be based upon reliable data.


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Sports Health and Injury Issues
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Prevention of Injuries
Prevention of Minor & Serious Injuries
Preventing & Treating Injuries
Common Sports Injuries
Health and Injury Concerns

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