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Half Lutz Jump

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Half Lutz Jump:

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to start from a standing position, taking several forward strokes to achieve speed, perform an inside mohawk, changing feet briefly demonstrating the ability to hold a back outside edge prior to tapping straight back to execute a counter rotation half turn jump landing on a toe and forward inside edge of the tapping foot.

The skater must demonstrate the ability to transition from one foot to the opposite foot while presenting elegant body and free leg positions.

  • Speed into Jump
  • Take-off Control
  • Height of Jump
  • Completion of Rotation
  • Landing Control
  • Speed Exiting Jump
  • Form and Style
  • Smooth transitions from one foot to another in the mohawk requires changing weight while in a plié position (both knees are bent).
  • After performing the inside mohawk, change feet to achieve a back outside edge prior to tapping.
  • Upper body position must not break forward at the waist.
  • Head should not look down while tap foot is being inserted into ice.
  • Hands should be at waist level with shoulders level. The free arm should stretch back matching the extension of the tap foot.
  • The change of positions of the free leg and arms should not disturb the arc of the tracing while performing the mohawk.
  • No pre rotation of the upper body should occur prior to jumping.
  • The half turn is a counter rotation and should be completed in the air prior to landing.
  • The exit of the jump should be held on a sustained edge with a strong checked position.
  • The speed of the jump exit should not diminish from the take-off speed.
Advanced - Extra Credit
  • Extra credit is given if skater can correctly perform forward crossovers into mohawk as an entry to jump.
  • Review forward stroking.
  • Review inside mohawks.
  • Review changing feet to achieve a back outside edge.
  • Teach the tap first with no rotation. 
  • Introduce the half turn counter rotation, landing on the inside edge of the tap foot and the toe of the opposite foot (a split jump landing).

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