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Guidelines for New Parents
  All types of sporting activities experience injuries to participating athletes. Figure skating is no exception. With the increase of ice rinks that operate 12 months, figure skating activities have become year round instead of being just a winter sport.

  The internse training of figure skating and the introduction of multi-revolutions jumps and the emphasis of achieving difficuclty levels in spins and step/spiral sequences, are resulting in more frequent serious injuries.

   The following articles discuss efforts to reduce the frquency and seriousness of injuries through prevention, early detection, and advances in treatment.

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credit is given for the source of the materials.

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The information on this site is provided to support skater's efforts to
achieve their full potential in the pursuit of his/her skating goals, and to transfer
those skills to their future education, career, and other life activities.

    Information is an important tool that provides a basis for the articles being developed. The goal is to help facilitate communications between judges and coaches that provides the technical descriptions  coaches use in their teaching and for judges the basis they use to arrive at the minimum standard for passing each level of tests.

  Comments and suggestions are welcomed so a balance of different perspectives can be achieved. Input from coaches and judges will help to achieve a consensus. We hope our efforts will result in skaters who are well prepared to test and receive a uniform evaluation by judges from rink to rink.

San Diego Figure Skating Communications (SDFSC) goal is to provide information
that encourages participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating.
Articles are continiously under development to serve as reading/reference
materials for seminars with an audience of skaters, parents, coaches, and judges.

Suggestions and comments from rink management, coaches,
     choreographers, judges, skaters, and parents are welcomed. 

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