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Establishing Goals & Objectives
for Athletes

      Sport coaches/instructors may be hired  to teach and develop athletes to teach various sporting activities to students of all ages.  Learners may wish to participate as a recreational or competitive athlete with a wide variety of personal aspirations. Employment opportunities include:
  • A privately owned and operated club or business 
  • A school or park and recreation center
      Public schools and institutions may require potential employees to have specific educational degree(s), have required teaching credentials, pass background checks, and have a list of references. An amateur career in a specific sport may be essential for employment in some jobs.

A coaching Philosophy
      Every coach and physical educator should embrace a core Philosophy to:
  • Promote the development of programs and policies to advance health awareness, the spirit of achievement, and cultural bridging of entrenched societal values;

  • Ensure that sport and physical education contribute to the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals and the broad purpose of peaceful development;

  • Promote a culture of peace, social, and gender equality, while advocating dialogue and harmony through promoting sport and physical education based opportunities that further core goals;

  • Promote the recognition of the contribution of sport and physical education in economic and social development by encouraging the building and restoration of sports infrastructures;

  • Promote sport and physical education, on the basis of locally assessed needs, as a means for health, education, social and cultural development;

  • Strengthen cooperation and partnerships between all individuals and groups, including family, school, clubs/leagues, local communities, youth sports associations and decision makers as well as the public and private sectors, to make sport and physical education available to everyone.

      Coaches and Physical Education Administrators need to develop a program that serves the needs of youth and adult audiences. The curriculum must be designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocation activities.

      The program should use positive interactions with youth and adult role models to help young people develop a concept of self, attitude of self-assurance, and a positive self-image.

      The content must provide a framework of knowledge and skills for lifetime participation in recreation, hobbies, and careers related to shooting sports and wildlife. Core concepts stress safety, ethical development, personal responsibility, and lifetime recreational skills.

      The content of the program needs to continue to grow, and its scope expanded to include community leaders and the interaction of participants. Programs must be flexible and adaptable so that other communities, rural or urban, can adapt the format to their local audience.

      Equipment and facilities may vary so program leaders must be flexible, and seek out available funding alternatives. A foundation of basic programs allows for expansion into more advanced activities.
Recommended Reading:

Developing Goals    Course goals are broad statements of what the students will be able to do when they have completed the course. Goals can be lofty ideas, using words or phrases like "appreciates" or "shows leadership ability."

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This policy can be used to acquaint schools with the goals and objectives of Physical Education & Sports; provide guidelines for the establishment of activities for individual and team participation.

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associations that have a web presence with information concerning team and
individual sports programs:

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The Process of Learning

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