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It is essential that every beginning skater be taught the correct techniques to perform each element.  If a teacher uses a short cut as a way to introduce a concept, it is imperative that the correct technique replaces the short cut before it becomes a bad habit requiring a lot of time and lessons to correct.

       Parents and skaters need to understand that there are different stages of proficiency. These include:
Beginner -
Just learned concept as a conscious skill
Converting conscious skill to an automatic muscle memory skill

       Each skating level has a standard level of minimum performance expectations concerning:
Size and shape of lobes
Core body control and strength
Balance / Transition of weight when holding a static position
Coordination of entire body when changing edges and feet, or direction
Ability to center a spin without become dizzy
Ability to spring into the air, rotate, and check the rotation to have a controlled landing

It is estimated that over 10,000 training hours are required to move from a beginner to senior skill proficiency.  There are variables such as:
Natural talent of the individual
Skills of the instructors
Quality and fit of skating equipment
Availability of training sessions
Desire and self motivation of the individual
Support system to get a young athlete to practice sessions
Availability of finical resources
Good health and free of injuries

Content Taught in Fundamental Group Skating Skills Classes
Level 1      
    Two Foot Spin (toes pointing in) 
    Bunny Hop
    Forward Spiral in Straight Line - Right and Left Foot
    Shoot the Duck - Forward & Backwards, Right and Left Foot   
    One Foot Hockey Stop Inside Edge - turning Right and Left    
Level 2      
    Waltz Jump
    Back Outside Mohawk - Right and Left Foot  on 1/2 circles   
    Forward Outside Edges - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles   
    Forward Upright One Foot Spin   
    One Foot Hockey Stop Outside Edge - turning Right and Left    
    Forward Lunge - Right and Left Foot
Level 3       
    Half Flip Jump   
    Forward Sit Spin   
    Back Inside Mohawk - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles   
    Half Toe Loop Jump   
    T-Stop with T foot in front   
    Back Upright one foot spin
Level 4       
    Half loop   
    Forward Crossovers - on Figure 8   
    Forward Inside Edges - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles    
    Forward Outside Spiral - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles   
    Forward Outside Pivot 
    Waltz/Half loop Jump
    Forward Upright Spin change to Sit Spin Position

Level 5       
    Half Lutz Jump   
    Forward One Foot Spin change to Back One Foot Spin  
    Back Outside Edges - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles   
    Back Crossovers - on Figure 8
    Forward Inside Pivot 
    One Foot Waltz/Half Flip Jump

Level 6  
    Forward Inside Edge Spiral - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles
    Forward Outside 3-Turn - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles
    Toe Loop Jump
    Camel Spin
    Back Outside Pivot
    Forward Camel SPin change to Sit Spin
    Waltz/Ballet Jump
Level 7   
    Forward Inside Mohawks - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles
    Forward Inside 3-Turns - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles
    Salchow Jump
    Back Sit Spin
    Forward Inside Hydro Plane - Right foot
    Forward Camel Spin Change to Upright Spin
    One Foot Waltz Jump/Salchow Jump
Level 8   
    Flip Jump
    Forward Upright Spin change to backward Upright Spin
    Half Loop/SalchowJump
    Back Camel Spin
    Back Outside Hydro Plane - Right foot
    Waltz/Toe Loop Jump
    Back Inside Edges - Right and Left Foot on 1/2 circles
Level 9   
    Loop Jump
    Forward Sit Spin change to Back Sit spin
    Toe Loop/Toe Loop Jump
    Back Upright Spin change to Forward Upright Spin
    Inside Spread Eagle
    Inside Inna Bauer
Level 10   
    Lutz Jump
    Forward Camel Spin change to Back Camel Spin
    Salchow/Loop Jump
    Flying Camel Spin
    Outside Spread Eagle
    Loop/Loop Jump

Level 11
    Forward Camel/Sit change to Back Sit/Upright Spin
    Forward Upright/Sit change to Back Sit/Upright Spin
    Backward Camel Spin change to Forward Camel Spin
    Backward Camel/Sit change to Forward Sit/Upright Spin
    Backward Upright/Sit change to Forward Sit/UprightSpin
    Lutz/Loop Jump
    Axel Jump
    Axel/Toe Loop Jump
    Axel/Loop Jump
    Flying Sit Spin
    Flying Sit Spin

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