Free Skate 6 Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Alternating backward crossovers to backward outside edges, four to six lobes.

Students will perform the skill on a continuous axis maintaining the speed needed.
Speed, Body Position, Edges
Use the length of the ice to do this skill.

Explain to the class that they must always come back to the line before pushing into the next crossover.

Demonstrate so that they understand the pattern.

Five step Mohawk sequence.
Students will perform the sequence with feet close together and free skating posture maintained at all times.
Body Position
Review Mohawks.

Explain the pattern in which the student must maintain for the sequence.

Break down sequence into individual steps before expecting the skater to perform entire sequence.


Camel/Sit spin,  minimum of five revolutions total in position.
Students will perform the spin combination with good body lines, proper positioning and speed.

 Body Position,
Extension, Speed, Knee Action
Review camel spin and sit spin individually.

Explain the transition process between the two.


Split jump or stag jump Students will perform the jump with either an extended front leg or stag.

Skater must maintain speed into and out of jump.
 Body Position,
Extension, Speed,
Explain the difference between stag and split jump.

Have student enter jump either from a forward three turn or a forward Mohawk position.

Explain/demonstrate take off from backward toe tap.

Explain the inside three turn on the landing.


Waltz Jump/Half Loop/Salchow Students will be able lo perform the combination without breaking form between jumps on a continuous line.

 Jumping Body Position, Stopping Rotation, Balance

Review all three jumps separately.
Explain the body positions between each jump and emphasize the extension of the free leg [in front or behind).


Lutz Jump
Students will perform jump from a back outside edge and hold the landing position for two times their height.
Jumping, Body Position, Rotation
Explain the take off edge and the arm action before and into the jump.

Explain "Wind up concept. Emphasize the free leg extension into the jump as well as weight transfer in the air.

Students will perform the from a moving entry.
Jumping Rotation, Speed,  Body Position, Balance
Review the waltz jump and back spin.

Demonstrate how they will go together to accomplish the 1 and 1/2 revolutions in the air.

Explain arm/leg positions in the stages of the jump