Free Skate 5 Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Backward outside three turn, forward inside Mohawk, into three backward crossovers, repeat three times. clockwise and counter clockwise.

Students will perform the skill in a strong free skating position. A continuous circle must be Maintained
Speed, Body Position
Review backward outside three turns, forward inside Mohawks, and crossovers separately; both directions.

Remind skater of the body position, extension, and "shoulders against hips" concept.

Forward outside Slide Chasse swing roll sequence, four to six lobes.
Students will be able to perform the sequence in a controlled manner staying on a continuous axis.
Edges, Body Position, Extension
Review each skill within the sequence.

Lay out the pattern in which they are to follow for the sequence.

Emphasize speed and extension. 


Camel Spin, minimum of three revolutions.
Students will perform spin in correct position maintaining enough momentum to rotate three times.

 Body Position,
Extension, Speed, Knee Action
Explain/Demonstrate a slide chasse and swing roll individually.

Have skaters practice focusing on the edges and extension.

Demonstrate how they look together as a sequence.

Emphasize the correct body position and weight transfer.

Sit spin, minimum of three revolutions. Students will be able to perform the spin for
three revolutions while maintaining the proper    position
Leg Extension
Review spiral position.

Explain the entry edge into the spin along with the body position leading up to the actual spinning position.

Explain the knee action used to gain speed into and in the spin along with where the shoulders/arms need to be throughout.


Forward Upright Spin to Back Upright Spin, minimum of three revolutions on each foot. Students must be able to perform a centered spin on both feet with a strong core body balance.

 Core Balance, Body Position, Speed

Review forward upright spin.

Introduce the pivot action stepping over the skating side of the opposite foot for the transition.

Have student practice the transition without doing a full spin.

After they have mastered the transition, have them perform the full skill.


Loop/Loop jump combination.
Students will be able to perform the jump without breaking form between jumps on a continuous line with a controlled, running landing edge.
Jumping, Body Position,
Stopping, Rotation, Balance
Review loop jump.

Explain that they need to "stop the rotation" between jumps as well as hold the free leg in front before jumping
into the second loop.

Demonstrate the body balance and that they need to be over their skating side in order to do the second loop

Explain the arm position.


Flip jump.
Students must perform the skill with a controlled upper body and controlled landing position.
Jumping, Rotation, Speed, Body Position, Balance
Review half flip to remind the students of the correct entry edge/position.

Review landing position.

Explain to them that they will do a full rotation and rotate around on the same foot that picked into the ice,

Explain and demonstrate the arm position into and out of the jump.

Waltz Jump/Falling Leaf/Toe Loop Jump sequence.
Students will perform the sequence holding the last jump with a controlled landing position two times their height.
Jumping Rotation, Stopping Rotation,
Balance, Body Position
Review the waltz jump, falling leaf and toe loop separately.

Demonstrate how they will go together for the sequence. Explain arm/leg position between each jump.