Free Skate 4 Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Spiral sequence: forward inside spiral, forward inside Mohawk, backward outside spiral, clockwise and counter clockwise

Students will complete the sequence holding each position for two to three times the student's height.
Balance Leg Strength, Body Position, Speed, Control
Review body position for spiral. Review Mohawk.

Explain the importance of speed and control.

Explain/demonstrate the pattern of the objective
Forward power three turns, minimum of two to three consecutive sets, R & L
Students will perform two to three consecutive sets of the skill.
Pattern, Body Position, Controlled Body Position
Explain the pattern to your skaters.

Demonstrate the connecting steps (wide step, power push).

Explain/demonstrate the controlled arm positions during each transition.

Review the concept of weight transfer.

Continuous backward progressive Chasse sequence on a circle, clockwise and counter
Students will be able to complete the sequence in both directions continuously to complete a full circle

 Edges, Body Position,
Explain/demonstrate the foot and leg positions for each step in toe backward sequence.

After the student has an understanding of the elements, refer to Free Skate 2 Skill C.

Sit spin, minimum of three revolutions Students will be able to perform the spin for
three revolutions while maintaining the proper    position
Leg Extension
Demonstrate while explaining the position of the spin on the barrier.

Enforce to the skaters that speed must be maintained throughout spin.

Reinforce the concept of centrifugal force, keeping all limbs tight.


Loop Jump Students must be able to perform a full rotation in the air and hold the landing for two times the skater's height.

 Balance, Jumping, Rotation in the Air

Explain that the take off foot is the same as the landing foot with free leg lifting in front and rotating one full turn in the air.

Demonstrate the action of the arms and point out that they must help lift the student off of the ice and pull in as in a spin.

Demonstrate the jump.

Waltz Jump/Loop Jump combination
Students will be able to perform the jump with proper technique and a controlled landing edge
Jumping, Body Position,
Review waltz jump.

Review loop jump.

Explain the free leg and" position on the landing of the waltz jump.

Explain the concept of "stopping rotation” and "shoulder check.”

Demonstrate before asking students to attempt.