Free Skate 1 Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Advanced forward stroking
Students will be able to skate with speed without the use of their toe picks with correct position of the free leg after push.
Weight Transfer, Body Position, Speed
Review forward stroking using correct use of blade.

Demonstrate the objective.

Remind students that they need to gain speed with each push.

Show the students the MITF pattern from the instructor's Manual

Basic forward outside and forward inside consecutive edges, four to six edges
Students will be able to control their edges from start to finish with good balance and edge control.
Edge Control, Balance
Explain what part of the blade they need to be balanced over.

Demonstrate the objective while talking them through what you are doing. 

Show the students the MITF pattern from the instructor's manual.

Advanced back outside three turn, R&L
After moving on a circle the students will perform the three turn with their free leg in front throughout the turn. Entry and exit to be held the skater's height.
Balance, Edges, Shoulders Against Hips.
Demonstrate the objective stressing shoulders against hips rotation before and after turn.

Help the students individually by letting them hold your hands while trying the turn for the first time.

Scratch spin from back crossovers, minimum of three revolutions   
Students will do crossovers info the entry of the spin, which is a controlled (forward outside edge. The spin begins as balance is achieved on a backward inside edge.

The students will gain gradual acceleration by placing the free foot toward the top of the skating knee and pulling the arms in close to the body. The spin must be held for a minimum of three rotations.
Balance, Body Position
Review basic one foot spin.

Proper one foot spin entry should be reviewed.

Student will take two to three backward crossover stop, rotate arms, T-position, push, hold edge, three turn, free leg comes around in control, point toe in, push hips back.

This is a good skill to use a diagram on the ice to explain.

Show students that the three turn points back to the edge they step on. Students can be over the middle part of the blade.

Waltz jump, from two to three backward crossovers
Students will perform a waltz jump from a backward outside edge after doing crossovers with more speed and hold a proper landing position for a count of four.
Balance, Edge Control, Jumping
Review forward outside edge, backward outside edge and back outside edge landing position.

Review one foot spin to see which way is natural for skater to spin. Also have students jump and land on two feet to see natural rotation.

Students can be taught to enter the jump from traditional backward crossovers or by using crossovers" in opposition to the jump and then pushing into correct position.

Half Flip
Students will perform a half flip from either a FI Mohawk or FO three turn.
Jumping, Twisting in Air
Go over position that the student should be in prior to jumping (skating arm in front, tree arm extended back with free leg!  

Explain vaulting action after ice tap into the ice. Explain that they will land on the toe of the opposite toe that vaulted them into the air, immediately stepping into a glide on the opposite foot and holding that position for two times the student's height.

 Demonstrate the objective. 
Snowplow stop, one foot or both.     
Students will STOP using a one or two foot forward snowplow.
Inside Edge Stopping
Demonstrate scraping action of inside edge. Students can practice by sliding their foot against yellow portion of barrier. Remind students to be gentle. The students need to understand the difference between slowing down and stopping. Remind them about proper, body position.