General Skating

Forward Inside Swing Rolls

Workshop Lesson Plan




Forward Inside Swing Rolls:

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to skate 4 forward inside half circles on a long axis line while alternating feet.  A hockey line may be used as a guide.

The skater must demonstrate the ability to transition from one foot while changing free leg and arm positions.

  • Generate Power
  • Smooth Transitions when Changing Feet
  • Balance and Blade Control when Gliding on One Foot
  • An Even Tempo Changing Feet
  • Full Leg Extension of Both Feet
  • Erect Upper Body - Not Bending at Waist
  • Relaxed Shoulder and Arm Positions
  • Pushes should use the entire blade. An occasional toe push is acceptable; however, toe pushing on every stroke is a major error.
  • Free leg extensions should be low. The free leg should be a natural extension of the line from the hip to the toe of the skate.
  • Transitions from one foot to another requires changing weight while both knees are bent.
  • Gradually straightening the skating knee as the free leg extends backward and forward over the tracing.
  • An ability to hold a sustained edge should be observed.
  • Upper body position must not break forward at the waist.
  • Head should not look down while maintaining balance over the skating foot; however, the eyes may look down.
  • Hands should be waist high and the shoulders should be level.
  • The change of positions of the free leg and arms should not disturb the arc of the tracing.
  • All half circles should be equal size and shape, approximately 2 to 3 times the height of the skater with a minimum of sub curves.
  • Skater should demonstrate the ability to control their upper body and free leg rotation.
  • Skater should demonstrate an understanding and use of a long axis.
  • Glide on 1 foot in a straight line to practice  switching arms – arms brush sides of body while while changing position.

  • Glide on 1 foot on an inside edge an demonstrate balance while switching arms, and swinging the free leg forward.

  • Discuss the difference between a roll and a swing roll.

  • Introduce the various dance tempos and how this would be applied to skating a swing roll.