General Skating

Forward Crossovers
CCW Direction
Workshop Lesson Plan




Forward Crossovers in a Counter Clockwise direction.

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to acquire power in smooth flowing movements.

The forward progress on a counter clockwise curve must demonstrate the ability to transition when the right foot skates in front on the left foot while performing the crossovers.

The maneuver should present an elegant body and free leg positions.

  • Generate Power
  • Smooth Transitions when Changing Feet
  • Balance and Blade Control when Gliding on One Foot
  • An Even Tempo Changing Feet
  • Full Leg Extension of Both Feet
  • Erect Upper Body - Not Bending at Waist
  • Relaxed Shoulder and Arm Positions
  • A Minimum Amount of Toe Pushing
  • The ability to skate in an even tempo should be observed.
  • Upper body position must be upright without breaking forward at the waist.
  • Head should be up and shoulders down.
  • Hands should be held out to the side at waist level.
  • An occasional toe push is acceptable; However, toe pushing on every stroke is a major error.
  • Ideally the pushing foot should cross in front of the foot on the ice while the previous skating foot extends backward providing extra power.
  • Perform the sliding motions of the skates crossing in front while maintaining both feet on the ice.  Repeat the process and gradually pickup the feet to acquire the skill of transferring the weight smoothly.
  • Transition from one foot to another changing weight while the skating knee is bent and the outside foot moves in a wide arc to cross in front of the skating foot.
  • Maintain a bent skating  knee as the outside free leg extends backwards over the tracing.
  • Maintain a bent skating  knee as the inside free leg extends backwards crossing under the skating foot.
  • Extend the free leg backwards direction as a natural extension of the line from the hip to the toe of the skate.
  • Do not bend forward at waist. Hold head up while balancing over the skating foot.