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Flying Camel Spin:

The primary goal of this element is to display the ability to start from a forward outside curve, initiating a 3-Turn, hooking the edge to convert the forward momentum into the take-off to achieve the heigh and rotation necessary to land on the toe and center the spin on the back outside edge.

Skater must land and hold an strong spiral body/free leg position with head held up.

  • Speed into Spin
  • Control Entry into Spin
  • Centering Spin
  • Complete a minimum of 3 Rotations in Position
  • Control Spin Exit

  • The skater should be able to demonstrate they can push onto a forward outside edge and bend the skating knee to force the edge of the 3-Turn to hook.
  • Head should not look down while preparing to enter spin.
  • Hands should be at waist level with shoulders level. The free arm may stretch back matching the extension of free leg.
  • The change of positions of the free leg and arms should not disturb the skater's ability to hook the edge and center the spin.
  • Pre rotation of the upper body and free leg should not occur.
  • The ability to sustain a controlled center after the hook should be observed.
  • Head should not be lower than the waist while in the camel (spiral) position.

Advanced - Extra Credit
  • Reward a skater who can perform forward crossovers and step onto the entry edge prior to performing the spin.
  • Skaters should not build up speed and then slow down prior to initiating the spin.
  • Reward a controlled one foot exit from spin.
  • Review position of a one footed glide on a deep inside curve with the skating knee bent.
  • Review spirals.
  • Introduce the concept of the free leg swinging wide to assist in creating a controlled hook allowing the skater to "Fly".
  • Taking off from a back inside edge (Salchow take-off) is not acceptable.
  • Introduce the idea of using a bent skating knee to help center the spin.
  • Stress centering the spin in a camel (spiral) position with the free leg and arms extended and head up.
  • Emphasize the speed of the spin occurs with the initial snap into the spin upon landing.

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